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Protecting The Worldšs Children from Exploitation and Abuseš
April 30, 2001

An urgent message from the
International Childrenšs Rights Committee Investigative Team

Justice Cannot Sleep Forever

As a function of our Committeešs work in raising awareness on the plight of the 400,000 children that go missing each year in America alone, we are focusing our efforts at this time on a case in Denver, Colorado because we believe it will unearth and expose a long existing, large, underground child trafficking/ child pornography ring.

Almost six years ago, on June 6, 1995, David Thomas Chase disappeared in Evergreen, Colorado. A homicide investigation began, and although his nude body was found in Bear Creek 43 days later, the mystery surrounding his suspicious death continues to this day and the case remains open. The toxicology report was negative for intoxication or drugs. The autopsy report noted his clothing had been removed, his left hand was almost completely severed, his neck was fractured at c6 and there were similar lacerations on both thighs and legs as well as lacerations on other parts of his body.

Jefferson County Homicide Investigator Don Olin worked exclusively on this case for three months and handed in a 600 page report to the D.A.šs office requesting an arrest warrant for the neighbor last seen with David Chase. The charge being criminally negligent homicide and that bail be set for half a million dollars. The D.A.šs office requested instead to continue the investigation.

Retired Police Officer/Private Investigator Phil Harris began his own investigation and worked exclusively on this case. He conducted extensive interviews in the Evergreen community and found several individuals who told him they knew about the foul play in the David Chase Case, but feared for their own safety due to threats and remain silent. Phil Harris received numerous leads that there was a connection between this death and the custody case of David Chasešs adoptive children. One week after David went missing Social Services required Davidšs wife, Judy Chase, to hire a live-in nanny in order to continue caring for their adoptive children.

A woman contacted Judi Chase two weeks later offering to fill the nanny position. Strangely enough, exactly one year later, the nanny successfully blocked Judi from completing adoption finalization and the courts allowed the nanny to adopt the children, despite testimony from Phil Harris that he had witnessed the nanny abusing the little girl. One week after the court hearing, Phil Harris was rushed to hospital where he was diagnosed with some kind of poisoning and released. He died later that day at his home from an "apparent" heart attack. Three years later, new private investigators uncovered information that Judi Chasešs former nanny had sold the twins to a third party in California. The twins whereabouts are unknown at this time.

How and Why did David Chase die?

What happened to his adoptive children of a year and a half ...Darius and Tisha?

Were they illegally sold?

Where are they now?

Are they safe from abuse?

How and Why did case investigator Phil Harris die one week after testifying in the Childrenšs custody case?

If you have any information that leads to the answers to these questions, please contact

The International Childrenšs Rights Committee Private Investigative Team at
10061 Riverside Drive, Suite #760
Toluca Lake, CA 91602

If you wish to provide information to our Committee Anonymously, please do so and we will pass it on to the authorities working on resolving this matter.

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