I am pissed!


What!--- am I the ONLY moron here?

I understand that congress is passing a bill to "help" the insurance companies get through this time of need by sending them money. What the hell is this???

They take our premiums, screw us if we (God forbid) miss a payment, stop appropriate reimbursements to clients because they can - and now, when it is time for them to have to pay up like the rest of us, Congress bails their ass out! This is pure and simple unadulterated bull shit!!!

I am pissed.

Please force your congress representatives and senators to wake the f@#* up and Act RESPONSIBLY.

Bless you all in this time of crisis - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Bob Lxxxxx, M.D.

Dear Americans and other friends,

The following is an exerpt from an AP article dated 9/14/01 written by Alan Fram:

"Leaders also hoped to push through the House Friday abruptly written legislation providing $2.5 billion in cash, up to $12.5 billion in guaranteed loans and other help to the airline industry, which faces potentially staggering losses from the aftereffects of Tuesday's mayhem.

But the measure's prospects dimmed when some lawmakers demanded similar help for the insurance industry, the New York Stock Exchange and other weakened businesses. Others complained that the aid - which was to come from the $40 billion emergency measure - would siphon money meant for individual victims.

The $40 billion will come from projected budget surpluses, most of it probably from funds designated for Social Security. Gone was talk of the sanctity of that program's surpluses that had dominated Capitol Hill until Tuesday."

Please WAKE UP, evaluate the FACTS and think for yourself. Don't simply take at face value what the mainstream media is feeding you. By all means, honor those innocents that have perished in the horrific tragedy of 9/11/01.

But consider that there are other culprits in this dastardly act of cowardess.

For those interested in seeing the truth, visit the following website: www.davidicke.com

I promise you it will rattle the foundation of your lives as your know them now. Better to have the information.

In love and deepest respect,

Bob Lxxxxxx, M.D.

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