Andrew Coyne, a noted and respected Canadian columnist in the National Post, argued last month that Canada is not a democracy. He said it, quite emphatically.

One of his underlying observations is the concept of Prime Ministerial power. “Members of Parliament, once elected, have no role but to rubber-stamp decisions already taken by the party leader, while the Prime Minister enjoys sole power of appointment to every major office in the land, from the Cabinet to the Senate to the Supreme Court to the Bank of Canada.”

Brian Mulroney, our last Prime Minister, and Jean Chretien, our current Prime Minister, have had exposed their horrifically corrupt regimes. Mulroney, an apparent Illuminati, is a very close buddy of George Bush, ex-President of the U.S., (they serve on several multinational Boards together) and Ronald Reagan (they shared the stage in Montreal once and sang “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling.”)

Americans probably didn’t even hear of the Reagan song with Mulroney and are probably not aware of the ties with Bush. Mulroney sent Canada on its current economic course and instituted free trade. He also supported Central Bank policies which put Canadians in ruin and raise bankruptcy rates to their highest levels ever. The bankruptcies continued through Chretiens reign as well.

Chretien has been caught dolling government money to friends and supporters of his party, not a startling revelation but one which he denies, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. His government has been under siege for weeks over this billion dollar spending boondoggle.

And speaking of billion, Chretien has also bought in the U.N. policy of gun control and has spent close to a billion dollars on a ridiculous gun registry.

Billions spent on friends and control.

It appears that Chretien, for example, probably ordered the RCMP to pepper spray students at a 1997 APEC summit in Vancouver because Canada didn’t want to embarrass Indonesian Dictator Suharto with protests. Women were strip searched and students clubbed merely for standing behind a barricade. It was pitiful. Chretien, apparently, allowed Suharto’s bodyguards to carry guns and some pictures show these bodyguards with their hands on pistols, watching the RCMP beating Canadian citizens without cause.

Of course, and remember Chretien appoints judges, a judge today said Chretien does not have to appear at an inquiry into the incident We can argue about other restrictive, stifling policies our federal government advances to control Canadians and make them passive puppets, eagerly eating the government spin, believing fully that our federal government operates to advance our interests. Fully 55% of Canadians support Chretien. Wow.

But, at the micro level, we should explore municipal laws and tactics. Today, for example, The Province, one of B.C’s biggest dailies, writes about a law being passed in New Westminster, a city about 10 minutes from Vancouver. The new law will forbid convicted drug dealers from entering most of the city. The by-law “excludes convicted drug dealers from huge areas of the city,” says reporter Frank Luba.


In Vancouver, the Police Chief apologized two weeks ago for telling Vancouver citizens to stay away from the downtown core during New Years Eve celebrations. Prior to the countdown, Vancouver police warned citizens that if they came to the downtown core, they had better have a valid reason for being there or they would be arrested. Have a nice time at the celebrations!

During a fireworks display last year, Vancouver police searched, without cause, citizens who rode the transit system into downtown and confiscated their alcohol. People had full bottles of booze stolen because they were on a train going downtown.

In both of the above cases, citizens have lodged formal complaints against the police.

Big deal.

In the U.S., the weirdness is similar to that in Canada. In Seattle, if you want to sell girl guide cookies in Bill Gates neighbourhood, you must get a police clearance. Your governments won’t solve your problems, you need shows like 60 Minutes, Dateline and television reporters to figure out where the corruption lies.

What is happening in Canada, and people better get used to this, is that we are “the experiment” for other nations. We are the obliging suckers whose governments are towing every conceivable U.N dictate to the maximum. We are the suckers who listened to the Bank for International Settlements tell the world there was “too much employment,” and accordingly, we adopted a monetary policy which drove Canadians to bankruptcy rates unmatched in the world today.

Jean Chretien plays golf, regularly, with Bill Clinton. Clinton even gave Chretien, as a gift, an $800.00 golf club. Mulroney is very tight with George Bush and was very tight with Ronald Reagan.

Do I have to draw you guys a map - Your U.S. government is initiating the very same policies that pretty well destroyed Canada and as I reported last week (I hope you got the article), Canada’s standard of living will be half of that in the U.S. in 10 years - and this from an economist from the biggest bank in Canada.

Everything we have done is part of the experiment - slowing markets to stem inflation (Mulroney said his tactics and interest rate policies, in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s would result in an economic soft-landing and it just about ruined us) slowing markets today, for the same reasons in the late 1980’s; gun control; and more recently, the pronouncement from governments that tax breaks may not be on the table anymore, because Central Banks, and your own Fed. Chairman echoed this, want governments to pay down aggregate debt - all of these policies are now part of the U.S. government culture. (Here’s one for the books - Chretien said last week he might cut taxes, but a report said most of the cuts would be clawed back through a tax loophole that causes Canadians, without realizing it, to enter a higher tax bracket through a term called “bracket creep.”) It is a tax non-cut.

Greenspan said it - and maybe you don’t get it - increases to wealth can not exceed the increases to income and with low inflation policies, income only moves about 1 to 2 percentage points per year. This means wealth will be strictly controlled by your Central Bank, the Federal Reserve.

WHY ARE YOU NOT FURIOUS WITH THIS ADMISSION? A total change of economic policy and one which proves, finally, that world governments don’t want you to get wealthy. I only read about IT for one day in U.S. papers and only one commentary, in SLATE, exposed the truth. Where are you guys?

No wealth (while giving the illusion of unrestricted opportunities to increase wealth). Curbing growth in a booming time by raising interest rates. Restrictions in movement. Ensuring identification of citizens - tax system, licenses, etc. Close scrutiny of movement by government. Gun control. Government greed. Corporate greed. The U.N. World Government. The Word Trade Organization. Police checks to sell girl guide cookies (tell that to your daughter). Spin.

There are thousands of words I can use to describe what is happening but it all comes to one word - CONTROL.

Control by whom? David Icke, I think you have hit the nail on the head.

private News report from Canada

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