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The Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) has labeled conspiracy theorist David Icke an anti-Semite and are determined to make life even more difficult for a guy who already gets less respect than Rodney Dangerfield. Upon arriving in Ottawa in early October Icke was detained by Customs and Immigration officials for 13 hours while they tossed his bags and scoured his books and laptop for evidence of hate material. In spite of the fact that officials found nothing in Icke's material to warrant aresting him, or asking him to leave the country, the harrassment of Icke and his supporters continued and his seminars in Windsor and Ottawa had to be cancelled after venue management were hit with a blitz of calls orchestrated by a peculiar alliance between the CJC and the Green Party (this one's all yours - I've had enough conspiracy theories for one day).

Bernie Farber, Executive Director of the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) said to the National Post, "I can tell you that David Icke's material is of the worst anti-semetic garbage I have ever read in the 15 years I have been associated with the Canadian Jewish Congress." That's certainly a big accustaion when you understand that it's coming from a man who has been around for the likes of Ernst Zundle, Jim Keegstra, Doug Collins and Doug Christie.

So, what exactly has Icke written and said to be lumped in with the aforementioned band of holocaust denying white trash. Icke says that Jews are a faith and not a race. He claims that a high percentage of Jews are descended from the Khazars who lived between the Black and Caspian seas, and were converted to Judaism by agents of the Babylonian Brotherhood.

The primary justification for the creation of the state of Israel was that the Jewish 'race' were originally from Palestine. But, if the majority of Jews have no historic roots in the Middle East, there is no justification for throwing Palestinans out of there home and creating a Jewish homeland.

Daniel Fine of the CJC states in a letter addressed to one of Icke's supporters, "This is a classic antisemetic rendition of history. Those who site the Khazar Kingdom are trying to discredit Jewish history and faith by pseudo-scientific diatribe not based on any historical realities." The problem with Fine's accusation is that several of the people Icke sources are Jews. Yet, if Icke is correct and Jews have no historical claim to a homeland in the Middle East, how the hell did they get Israel? Well, if you want to create a lot of negative energy to feed off, plopping 3 million Jews down in the middle of several hundred million Arab Muslims would likely do the job.

Fine also states, "We find Mr. Icke's writings deeply offensive and are concerned that they have been adopted by violent racist entities such as the UK based Combat 18...." Fine enclosed an expose on Icke printed in British anti-fascist magazine Open Eye which reveals, "Street fighting group Combat 18 have mingled with New Agers at Icke's lectures and favourably reviewed one of his appearances in their bulletin." Fine continues, "Combat 18 ...has taken responsibility for a recent bombing in a multicultural neighborhood in London."

Combat 18 is a neo-nazi group and they did indeed claim responsibility for two of three bombs that exploded in London last April. The first two blew up in ethnic minority neighborhoods, the third in a gay pub in Soho. Scotland Yard has made an arrest in the case. It's the conclusion of Scotland Yard that he was working alone. No connection to Combat 18. So, the CJC have linked Icke to Combat 18 because a few of their members showed up at one of his talks and wrote something good about him. Then they continue the smear by saying that Combat 18 took credit for a bombing that Scotland yard says they had nothing whatsoever to do with.

The CJC also offered up a 12 page print out from a neo-nazi web site as evidence of Icke's antisemitism. The conclusion of the October 9 update on the site was that Icke, "talks gibberish - and might well be an agent, or at least a 'tool for disinformation.'" What tipped me off that he might not be altogether kosher is that the sponsors of his projects go by names like 'Solomon'" Presumably the author thinks that Icke may be an agent of Zion. So the neo-nazis are saying Icke is an agent of Zion and the Jews are saying Icke is a nazi. Beautiful. In The Biggest Secret Icke states, "the Talmud must be the most racist document on Earth," and offered the following passages as evidence to back his claim:

Just the Jews are humans, the non-Jews are no humans but cattle. Kerithuth 6b, page 78, Jebhammoth 61
The non-Jews have been created to serve the Jews as slaves. Midrasch Talpioth 225
Sexual intercourse with non-Jews is like sexual intercourse with animals. Kethuboth 3b
The non-Jews have to be avoided even more than sick pigs. Orach Chalim 57, 6a
The birth rate of non-Jews has to be supressed massively. Zohar 11, 4b
As you replace lost cows and donkeys, so you shall replace non-Jews. Lore Dea 377, 1

The CJC say that the first quote is an amalgamation of two quotes and that the rest are not part of the Talmud at all. However, a Rabbi at the orthodox Eitz Chaim Congregation in Richmond says that two of the five quotes are from books of the Talmud and one other is from the Kabala.

Icke is very quick to point out that he believes that the Jews have been manipulated by the reptilians: Remember this horrific stuff was not written by Judeans or Jews as a people. They are the victims of these beliefs and not the authors. It was written by the Levittes, representatives of the priestly bloodlines of the reptilians and the Babylonian Brotherhood, who have no more alligiance to the Jewish people than did Adolph Hitler. To blame it on 'the Jews' is a nonsense and exacltly what the Brotherhood want people to do because it creates enormous opportunities to divide and rule, the very foundation of their control.

Icke makes it very clear that he firmly believes that Judaism, and every other ancient religion, was created by the reptilians. Some people have decided that that makes him anti-semetic. Based on the evidence presented by the CJC it would be hard to conclude that Icke is a Jew hater. Unless, of course, it's all part of some crazy conspiracy.

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