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Dear David Icke and fellow workers,
March 20, 2001

I never thought I would be writing this. I first came in contact with presentations being cancelled when David came to speak in Vancouver, B.C.. Being an older female Canadian with a little university education and a steady job I thought attending a David Icke show would be interesting and maybe a trifle amusing (especially after hearing his dry British wit on the Pia Shandell program on radio station C.F.U.N.). I bought my ticket at Ticket Master in line with others who were there for sports games and music concerts..wasn't this supposed to be like any other show....???

I was not prepared for the NEGATIVE media reaction David got from my hometown,... Hey this is Canada! Wearing dark glasses and thinking I made a big mistake..I attended that talk. It altered my life. I've been connecting the dots for a while now. I spread the word and have my family ...questioning. Today's news on Radio C.K.N.W. announced that the ,"Freedom Fest" March 24 at the Best Western Hotel in Port Moody has been cancelled due to it's'" Anti- Semetic" agenda. The manager at the hotel said that ,"too many people called him to complain".

I'm still wondering who called.. as the group hosting :Uncommonknowledge, contacts people by e-mail as our local papers won't take their ads (Vancouver Sun or The Georgia Straight). I was suppose to be attending a trade show- style event allowing me to meet top educators in Canada to discuss privacy, rights, the money system, health.. speakers included Eldon Warman and Fred Kyburz.(This is the same group that hosted Dr. Len Horowitz awhile ago....and I think he's Jewish(: well your group must be used to the excuses ).

Anyways I called about my tickets and was warned that my call was probably being tapped but that a new date will be set....We will try again .. and again !!. Like Foot and Mouth disease this Evil is very obviously spreading and I agree that it's important to go Public and let others know how you THINK....and that's why I'm writing. Thank you for your persistant efforts! Now I want to add mine.

Mrs. S D

Check Out the Spin Cycle On This Media Report
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Main Stream Controlled Media (Sheepled)

From: "V"
Speakers with anti-Semitic ties coming to B.C. rally

Port Coquitlam is site of weekend meeting
Kim Bolan Vancouver Sun

A number of speakers whom critics say are anti-Semitic and support U.S.-style civilian militias will be in Port Coquitlam next weekend for a gathering of anti-tax and anti-government radicals.

The Freedom Fest 2001 gathering is expected to attract adherents of what the RCMP says is growing anti-government sentiment in Western Canada.

According to a secret RCMP memo, dated January, 2000 and released under Access to Information legislation, "increasing militancy by members and associates of anti-tax and other anti-government groups in Western Canada has led to a pattern of criminal activity relating to harassment of, and confrontations with, police officers, judges and officials of Canada Customs and Revenue Agency."

Freedom Fest organizer Michael Felgner said speakers at the event have been chosen for their views on taxation and freedom from government control. He denied having knowledge of militia-style activity or of the speakers' anti-Semitic views.

But several of those speakers attended a similar anti-government conference at Vernon's Christian School gym last month that was headlined by U.S. anti-Semite Eustace Mullins.

The RCMP memo says the groups it is concerned about are linked to such U.S.-based groups as the Sovereign Citizen's Movement, "based on a defunct right-wing extremist group, the Posse Comitatus."

"The Posse Comitatus claimed there was an international Jewish conspiracy which controlled international finance," the memo said, adding that some in the U.S. movement are also "involved in the racist right.

"There are several extreme anti-government groups active in Western Canada promoting Sovereign Citizen activities based on those of the Freemen and Posse Comitatus in the U.S.A., denying the legal authority of the federal and provincial governments in several areas, including the authority to levy taxes, or to require drivers of motor vehicles to be licenced."

Mullins, a Virginia resident, has written a series of books in which he praises the Nazis, denies the Holocaust and describes Jews as "furry scavengers" and "parasites."

Felgner said Monday he thought Mullins was "a wonderful speaker" when he saw him in Vernon Feb. 17.

"If I could have got Eustace Mullins here I would have," said Felgner, who said he did not know of Mullins' writings against Jews. "I really can't comment on his views with regard to Jews and all the rest of it. I have nothing to do with that in any way."

But other speakers Felgner has invited to Port Coquitlam this weekend also make derogatory comments about Jewish people on their Web sites.

Eldon Warman is a Calgary bus driver who founded Detax Canada and was convicted in Kamloops last year of assaulting a Motor Carriers Commission official.

On his Web site, he warns followers to beware of judges who are Jewish or Freemasons.

"A judge or lawyer in either category may lie or cheat with a clear conscience when conducting judicial functions," Warman wrote.

In defending a link on his site, Warman says: "I do not post this link to be anti-Jew."

He continues: "Many, if not most people who call themselves Jews are good people who live by the words of the Prophet Micah; However, there obviously is a cult [called Zionism] within, or out of, Talmudic Judaism which has nefarious designs for world domination and subjugation through the United Nations and its agencies' plans for a One World Government. Such is coming upon us all very rapidly. The time is short to act, if there is any hope of stopping it. The income tax is one of their key controlling devices."

Another Albertan scheduled to speak this weekend is Fred Kyburz, of Patriots on Guard, which he says he founded in 1991 when the Goods and Services Tax was introduced.

In one of his daily e-mail bulletins last fall, Kyburz disputes the numbers of Jews killed in one concentration camp during the Second World War.

"The above figures should demonstrate clearly that somebody is lying or twisting the truth," Kyburz writes.

Like Warman, he condemns the United Nations and what he claims is its involvement in creating "One-World-Government."

"Are you ready to participate in this last ditch effort to prevent the New-World-Order plans or are you ready and willing to help subjugate your family, your children and grandchildren into this slave state."

For Nisson Goldman, vice-chair of the regional branch of the Canadian Jewish Congress, the rhetoric is frighteningly familiar.

Goldman said Monday the same anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories were ramp-ant in Alberta in the Social Credit Party in the 1930s and 1940s.

In fact, on Wednesday, to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the congress and the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre are hosting a public lecture by the author of a new book on the earlier anti-Semitism in the Social Credit party.

"Social Credit was quite anti-Semitic at that point. They were dealing with a world Zionist financial conspiracy," Goldman said. "It is eerie. You can just take this [Freedom Fest] and transpose it from one place to another and say here is the same pattern. It is almost like somebody wrote the script and here we go again."

Goldman said people with legitimate, if not fringe, opinions on taxation get caught up with the other groups and their racist or anti-Semitic agenda.

"It really is frightening," said Goldman. "Jews become the scapegoat and it is classical."

The similarities between violent U.S. groups and what is going on in Canada is alarming, Goldman said.

"We are importing into good old Canada some of the highly radical elements of the Comitatus Posse and some of the other really difficult groups who think it is fun to go out in the woods and carry sub-machine guns."

Felgner admitted the speakers he has chosen are controversial.

"I do have to admit that some of the views that come out are a bit radical or a bit fringe, but at the same time, that doesn't mean there isn't bits of truth and bits of good information in there."

He added: "I've been around these people for a few years and I know that that always comes out as a slant in the media where there are allegations of white supremacists and all the rest of it. But to my knowledge no one is aligned with any particular group other than just to forward the freedom of Canadian citizens."

Still, he said, if there are demonstrators on the weekend, all the better.

"I hope so, perfect," Felgner said of the possibility of protesters.

While Felgner told The Sun he is expecting 200 to 300 at the conference, he told the Best Western at which the event is being held that there would be about 100 to 150 people.

Motel representative Stephen Earl said he was not aware of any of the material written by conference speakers.

"We just have the group set up for the weekend," he said.

Felgner said he is not pro-militia, but that some of the U.S. groups "have a lot of parallels in regards to their legal research that they have done.

"So, on one hand, if they have valid information in regards to the legal research they have done, I would be very interested in that. The fact that they have amassed weapons or whatever, that has nothing to do with me and I have no knowledge of that," he said.

Asked about the Holocaust, Felgner said he believes it happened but doesn't think there is anything wrong with questioning it.

"I am only 38 years old. I wasn't there. The history books say that happened. Ultimately, depending on what frame of reference you are looking at, just because there is newsreel footage of certain things or just because the history books says something, that doesn't make it a fact," Felgner said. "What is the problem with questioning things or events that have occurred in history?"

Goldman has a big problem with people questioning the Holocaust and scapegoating the Jewish community.

"It really is frightening," said Goldman, adding the Internet is the newest weapon for anti-Semitic groups to find new members.

"I think that this is an evil that you have to root out. I don't see how you can look at it any other way."

Everywhere we turn, every nation, every city, government office, corporation, church,
--- we find these reptilian, power-based attrocities.

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