Canadian Mafia
Rears It's Ugly Head (again)

Dear David,

I had my doubts about the Canadian Jewish Congress(CJC) until I heard an interview with Robert Goldschmid on Bill Good's(his real name) radio talk show. It was on CKNW am radio, Tuesday, March, 06/01 11:30 - 11:59 am pacific time.

He was discussing the CJC's(Bronfman's) new plan for dealing with "Hate" sites on the internet. They will pressure for an International Group Libel Law to combat those who insist on providing information(truth) they deem hateful toward identifiable groups. (Translation: The CJC will destroy the few remaing sites on the internet through blackmail, lies and smear campaigns that dare to commit the crime of free speech.)

What a joke! The offspring of thug bootleggers. murderers, pornographers and drug pushers have now anointed themselves moral conscience of the wired world!

Oh yes, "...objectionable and disgusting material is not a problem!" His exact words - I nearly fell off my bagel!

Fortunately, the listeners weren't buying his crap, all wanted more information - not their nazi style of rewriting history with censorship and thought control.

If you hear a tape of this interview you won't believe the lies and arrogance.

Who says a handful can't rule the world?

yours truly, n.m.

p.s. Has everyone forgotten how Bronfman greed screwed taxpayers for billions and destroyed peoples lives with their stupid Canary Warf project in England?

Everyone's accountable but them - right?

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Everywhere we turn, every nation, every city, government office, corporation, church,
--- we find these reptilian, power-based attrocities.

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