Canadian Common Law Researcher Jailed

Most of my life I have been a skeptic. My interests in politics, history and philosophy have taught me to approach most things (particularly those that seem to good to be true) with a grain of salt. But I've also learned that sometimes the truth is more disturbing and twisted than many of the fictions one runs across when dealing with these matters. One of these truths seems more and more to me to be the sad but apparent fact that we Canadians no longer live in a free country but rather in a somewhat cleverly disguised police state.

The story I am about to relate to you begins more than a month or two ago when I began reading about the "Tax Revolt" that seemed to be brewing in this country. I read first an article in my local paper on a whole municipality in southern Saskatchewan that had decided to quit paying taxes.

Shortly after, I came upon another article followed by several other similar pieces, one in the National Post, about the growing "Detax" movement lead by one Eldon Warman from Calgary, Alberta.

I started communicating with Eldon shortly after this simply out of curiosity and to my surprise found that his "Detax" program was something much more than a way to get out of paying income tax. What Eldon had discovered through years of research was that Canadians no longer were entitled to the status of free men with inalienable rights guaranteed to them by their British legal heritage but rather, through a series of contracts between the citizen and the government and with the aid of some pretty shady legal maneuvering, had been literally robbed of their sovereign, British/Saxon Common Law heritage. In every legal sense we had been demoted from free men and women to serfs... to servants of the state (what else would you call someone who pays 60% of their earnings to the government?).

The information was shocking not entirely because of the content but because it seemed to be true. No court in the land could dispute Eldon's findings and as a result he had been a free man of commoner status for the last 15 years... during which time he did not pay any income tax! In short, this man was not selling snake oil and more importantly he had revealed a very frightening truth: Canadians have been tricked by their own government into giving up their freedom.

Sometime shortly after the publicity surrounding his system began to spread Eldon, a tour bus operator by trade (formerly an airline pilot) was pulled over by one of our BC Provincial Transport Inspectors near Rogers Pass. Eldon, who had a bus load of foreign tourists at the time and not being subject to the authority of these traveling bureaucrats pulled his bus over to see what the fuss was about. To make a long story short this Inspector requested Eldon's drivers license etc. but Eldon, knowing full well that the transport inspector was out of his jurisdiction (the tour bus not being subject to his inspection since it was not considered a commercial transport vehicle with a bill of lading) and being concerned for the safety of his passengers on this remote mountainous road, refused. A struggle for the paperwork ensued and eventually the RCMP were called to settle the dispute. Upon arriving at the scene the RCMP charged Eldon with assaulting a police officer and sent him on his way.

Eldon, being somewhat shocked by this officers charges and knowing full well that the transport inspector is NOT a police officer filed an AFFIDAVIT - DENIAL OF JURISDICTION to the Provincial Court of British-Columbia at Revelstoke in British-Columbia in regards to the charges against himself. He never received an answer to that Affidavit. According to the law of the and this means that Mr. Warman's statements and affidavit have been acknowledged and accepted by all parties including: The Attorney General of BC, Mr. Ujjal Dosanjh; the Attorney General of Alberta, Mr. David Hancock; and the Justice Minister of Canada.

Mr. Warman was arrested December 27, 1999, more than thirty days after the court received his Affidavit and about ninety minutes after he was released from hospital for surgery for a kidney stone. He was arrested without an arrest warrant. The police officers pushed their way into the house without identifying themselves and without a search warrant. The same police officers threatened the people present in the house at the time.

Eldon is currently being held in detention somewhere in British Columbia. It is my understanding that it has been extremely difficult to find out where Eldon is from day to day and what the status of his charges are. Since he has been in detention an unknown party has shut down his web site which contains all his information on Anglo Saxon Common Law, the history of the degradation of our court systems and his detax methods. Not only have Eldon's Common Law rights been violated but on top of it his Charter Right to freedom of speech has also been trampled. Eldon also claims that while in custody one of the charges read against him was diatribes against government. Although, to my knowledge no such charge legally exists (and this charge has not been brought against him formally... yet) it is indeed disturbing to even consider the possibility of someone even uttering such a phrase.

Indeed, what kind of a country have we become when government can barge into anyone's home without a warrant and arrest someone for being a political dissenter?

Canadians need to take a very long hard look at ourselves and to ask some very serious questions. I wonder what kind of a world we are leaving for our children? One where those who speak the truth are arrested for having a big mouth? Isn't this fascism? I wonder who will be next? Me perhaps? Will I, a man who has abided by the very strict letter of the law his entire life, be jailed soon for printing information which is dangerous to the status of our current government? I cannot say.

Perhaps though the most important question we should all be asking ourselves is "What will I do about it?" Perhaps this is the only question left to be answered.

Without Prejudice
Scott Carpenter, B.A.
Editor, Liberty Free Press

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