by Brian Peterson

The Westender - Vancouver, Canada
Some required reading for Icke fans and other freaks

I’ve been getting a tremendous amount of reading done these days, namely, a re-reading of William Thomas’ All Fall Down—the Politics of Terror & Mass Persuasion. A sickeningly thorough accounting of the Bin Laden/Bush business/terror network, and the set-up and cover-up of those who profited from the 9/11 attacks.

Here’s one claim from the book: how did 4,000 Israelis working in the WTC know not to show up for work on the morning of 9/11? Answer: they were tipped off by the Shabak, the Israeli General Security Apparatus.

Why didn’t they warn everyone and foil the bombing? A very good question that U.S. Vice Prez Dick Cheney doesn’t want answered anytime soon. Absolutely mandatory reading and available through

The perfect companion read to this sledgehammer is Michael Moore’s nearly censored Stupid White Men and other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation, a hilarious backgrounder on the legacy of closet Republican prez Bill Clinton, all the Florida and Supreme Court shenanigans that conspired to throw the election to the smirking chimp, the machinations of Enron to dictate the deregulation of the energy markets, the crumbling American school system and its state-of-the-art prison and executing complex.

All told in that thoroughly irreverent Moore style which apparently so freaked out Harper Collins they tried to ban its publication for truth-telling—er, anti-terrorist—easons. A mob of hard-wired librarians helped change that and the book shot to the top of the bestseller charts. Check out Mike’s website at to see the stranger-than-fiction boomerang saga of backfiring censorship.

Mike’s overarching premise is that fear is unnecessary when Big Brother towers over you with his club. A lone nut with a sense of humour and clear vision can always expose the weakness in the giant’s armour.

A philosophy that put my mind to thinking about controversy magnet David Icke who was in town last weekend to give conspiracy hounds a ladleful of that sweet, sweet stuff.

Of course, it’s been the well-connected knobs of the Canadian Jewish Congress who’ve been lapping up all the publicity with their intimidation of venue owners and boring, out-of-context, pathetically unfounded accusations of anti-semitism.

Still, I thought it would be interesting to plumb the minds of the inevitable picketers outside Icke’s lectures at the Van East Cinema last weekend. A testy last-minute editorial in The Sun from the local CJC flack Nisson Goldman wailing that free speech must be free of anything he disagrees with (sorry, “hate”) would guarantee a healthy protest.

So imagine my surprise arriving Saturday morning at the appointed hour to find no such demonstration underway. No information pickets, no nothing. Just a polite and educated queue of people, slurping on lattes and buying books and actually reading them.

No swastikas, no semen-encrusted paramilitaries muttering Jewish banking-conspiracy myths into the vacuous ears of the impressionable youth the CJC are so purportedly concerned about.

Where was that massive popular front against hate? How could they be absent with a veritable Nuremburg rally exploding in East Vanistan? Girding their loins at synagogue in preparation to halt Sunday’s lecture?

Nope. When I returned the next day, just another well-heeled sold-out crowd eager for some alternative research to counter the blunt patriotic censorship brought down in 9/11’s wake.

So an earthshaking raspberry to the paper tigers of the CJC. You can’t conclusively disprove any of Icke’s theories. So if you’re the real champions of free speech then it’s time you took up Icke’s challenge of a face-to-face debate on the power structure you so cagily defend.




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