Myths About the American War on Iraq

Myth # 1- That Iraq is responsible for this war

This war has advanced with lie upon lie. Iraq was not responsible for 9/11. Iraq was not responsible for any role Al-Qaeda may have had in 9/11. Iraq was not responsible for the Anthrax attacks and has not tried to acquire weapons of mass destruction. The simple truth is that a secret blueprint for U.S global domination reveals that Bush and his colleagues planned an attack on Iraq to secure "regime change" EVEN BEFORE HE TOOK POWER IN JANUARY 2001.(Reference: "Rebuilding Americaís Defences :Strategies, Forces and Resources for a New Century) This document further indicates that the U.S. intended to take control of the gulf region whether or not Hussein was in power. This war is a total sham.

Myth # 2- That Bush and the U. S. forces are "freedom fighters" for the Iraqis.

If this myth were not so serious it would be laughable. Killing men, women and children is a strange way to provide them with freedom. Pictures of smiling children welcoming American and British troops couldnít be further from whatís really happening. This type of coverage is an outrage and an insult to readers around the world.

Myth # 3- That the "coalition" is this great list of countries that support the U.S.

Actually, the opposite is true. The coalition consists only of U.S., Great Britain and Australia. Thatís it. Countries such as Canada, Egypt, Mexico, Germany, France, Russia and China are not actively supporting this war. Other countries closer to Iraq, such as Turkey and Syria have withdrawn previous support. Most of the world was behind the United States after 9/11 but it has now squandered all of that sympathy. The images of the World Trade Centre have been replaced in the worldís mind by the spectacular explosions in Baghdad. After this war, will nations of the world have sympathy for the U.S. if another terrorist attack occurs there?

Myth # 4- That the U.S. has been a long time ally of Canada and we should support them actively in any war they start

Of course the U.S. would prefer us to support this "illegal war" which was not sanctioned by the United Nations. However, there comes a point when we as a country must stand up for our own values, not those of an imperialist, morally bankrupt country. I believe the majority of people in Canada support Prime Minister Chretienís position and I commend our Canadian government for taking this stand. Yes, we may face repercussions sooner or later. But they would be coming anyway. The U.S. will not stop with Iraq- this is just a beginning of dealing with other "axis of evil" as Bush has already stated publicly. So, letís continue to tell the American government leaders (not the American people) that we do not condone their actions and we do not support the killing of innocent people.

Myth # 5- One last myth is that government leaders who advocate war would always have fought for their country in their younger years during wartime, right?

It may therefore come as a surprise to you that in May, 1968 during the height of the Vietnam War, a studentís immunity from the draft was about to expire; however, with his fatherís help he escaped active combat by joining the Texas National Guard. Guess who never served a day in Vietnam or anywhere else "fighting" for his country, but stands up in press conferences every day encouraging thousands of men to "fight for their country" and to put their lives on the line for a war that he planned before he was "elected"? None other than President George W. Bush. (Reference: Alice in Wonderland and the WTC Disaster, David Icke, 2003)

I think itís time for all of us to do a reality check.

Cornwall, ON

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