Mad Cows to fight Depleted Uranium

Mad Cows to fight DU

Piotr Bein,

Vancouver, Canada

A motto, Speak the Truth and Shame the Devil, stands on top of a February 8th, 2001 essay titled Kosovo: Liberals Are Recycling Atrocity Propaganda, by Benjamin Works, the Executive Director of the US Strategic Issues Research Institute (SIRIUS). The devil came out of the closet and spoke a lie about depleted uranium (DU) alongside a de-bunking of the Trepca Mine pseudo-atrocity.

Happiness Ended

At the end of Y2K, I had found an enlightened American, one no less than a prestigious institute director, who was not afraid to speak out against NATO and who cared about the welfare of post-communist countries in Eastern Europe. Ben was working on a fresh approach to economic reform for Yugoslavia's President Kostunica. I included Director Works in plans for a seminar on the subject, along with Professor Poznanski, the author of the best-selling book in post-WWII Poland, a volume about the “grand swindle” of current political elites who gave away over 70% of Poland's national assets to foreigners in return for bribes.

My happiness ended when the Balkan "leukemia" scandal broke out in Europe. From economics and corruption in the former Soviet bloc, Ben and I switched to the depleted uranium [DU] topic. I was looking forward to his just voice and shared my limited experience and references from the international anti-DU conference in Manchester in the Fall of 2000.

I included Ben in a DU list that was growing daily. Like most non-experts on DU, we did not have irrefutable arguments. I went by intuition, having learned about DU's risks and cover-ups since the Spring of 1999 when I first dug into NATO's adventures in the Balkans, and then, following the DU thread, also in the Persian Gulf as well as in Bosnia and Kosovo. Ben corrected my sloppiness regarding certain DU weapons Apache helicopters did not use. I welcomed it, but when Ben persisted at marginalizing DU dangers to human health and the environment, something was definitely wrong. He refused to look at the effects of low-level radiation of DU acting inside the human body. These papers were only a drop in the bucket and there was a wealth of irrefutable scientific proofs, starting from the end of the 19th century. My compatriot Maria Sklodowska died in 1934 after working with her French husband Pierre Curie (who died in 1906) on researching the radioactivity of uranium minerals and their effects on organisms.

Fishy Arguments

Ben cited a bunch of references on "leukemia," as if this was the only cause of misery among Persian Gulf and Balkan soldiers and civilians derived from DU exposure. They referred primarily to institutions and documents sanctioned by NATO, and emphasized the other causes of leukemia, not radioactivity. The key papers of the majority of the research community were not on the list. I did not give in. Ben called me an "hysteric" and severed contact. Still, I hoped that he would eventually see through the fog of Pentagon-NATO disinformation. I was wrong.

Several weeks later, a multitude of scholarly publications, scientific proofs of the deadly effects of alpha particles, testimonies of nuclear cover-ups, and books concerning Hiroshima and Nagasaki piled up in cyber-space for everyone to examine and to conclude that DU radioactivity is deadly. Ben remained unswayed, standing lonely on an island with NATO "scientists" who repeated the no risk, no link to leukemia and cancer broken record amidst an ocean of very concerned academics and researchers.

If he was really pursuing the discovery of truth about DU, it was Ben's loss to sign off the discussion. The Depleted Uranium Watch e-list became a major forum, attracting anti-DU activists and lawyers, independent journalists, nuclear researchers and scientists, Gulf War syndrome veterans and the executives of their associations. The list was mounting an offensive against Pentagon-NATO propaganda that grew feebler, ran out of reasonable arguments, and resorted to increasingly more bizarre trickery.

Through lists like DU Watch, dozens of independent references were posted and disseminated that I had no idea existed. I am still no expert, but nobody can sell me gas about DU, particularly when posing as a "scientific authority" from an organization with a longish name.

The Internet postings also indicated that no “respectable” organization could be trusted. The World Health Organization [WHO] was corrupted by a agreement with the International Atomic Energy Authority that limits WHO's activity to toxic effects of nuclear substances. The International Commission on Radiation Protection and the British Royal Society, to whom Ben Works referred with reverence, also turned out to be involved in cover-ups of nuclear crimes against humanity.


As in any other form of warfare, objectivity, rationality and reason don't matter in information operations, as long as one "wins." For the military and the nuclear industry the stakes are higher than ever: Saving face and maintaining credibility with their own public, keeping the military alliance together, and dodging prosecution. As usual, the government-military-industrial complex co-opted the media in a war with the truth. But not only the media is utilized to the maximum. So are institutes like SIRIUS, apparently. Like Marcus Spillmann's grotesque piece in Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Ben Works's February 8th, 2001, essay combines a “Serb atrocity” refutation with the DU issue, albeit discussing the latter only in passing at the end of the essay. Both Spillmann and Works participate in the deception game, the former basing his ploy on the alleged Racak massacre, the latter - on the Trepca hoax. There is, however, a fundamental difference between the two DU apologists.

Spillman ridiculed the truth about DU by alluding to the fact that, like the truth about the Racak massacre shining through the final forensic report from the Finnish investigation, it was propaganda from the enemies of good old NATO. Works did it differently. He ridiculed the allegations of a Serb atrocity in the Trepca mines, but asserts that DU hysteria comes from the same mentality, that of unchecked fact junkies.

When British soldiers faced impending defeat in World War I trenches, they turned their coats inside out to deceive the enemy about their true identity. The well-known British expression "turncoat" was born. Works's essay would indicate a "turncoat" of Psychological Operations (PsyOp), as I first publicly suspected in an e-mail responding to his references on “leukemia.” I expanded on this hypothesis in Credibility Lost, asking: Does Ben Works know he is part of a PsyOp scheme or is he an involuntary victim? If he is part of it, why would he defend Yugoslavia's position against the unprovoked, barbaric attack it sustained from NATO?

Special Operations literature instructs what to do when PsyOp need a believable propaganda voice in a desperate situation, like the present DU scandal. An information source - that until now consistently advocated a view opposite to the strategic and military objectives of NATO (other powers use the same tactics) - would "turn the coat" inside out. The source starts to disseminate lies, and fools the audience that had got used to the source as being truthful.

This would explain why Ben Works is rational and in-depth on the Trepca hoax, but fails to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence against DU. Outraged that anybody could maintain belief in the fabricated Trepca proposition, he consulted trusted NATO and Pentagon intelligence sources and confirmed that the alleged atrocity was Baloney!

Sirius Struggle

If anyone doubted his honesty, Works reminds his readers that for a long time he has made clear that virtually nothing undertaken by governments or businesses is random, or 'news.' It is all managed by press releases and the many tools of public relations, and nothing is left to 'chance' if it can be managed.

And I paraphrase, but as far as DU is concerned, the devil comes out: All of my readers who are still entranced by the illusive DU hysteria will recognize this technique for turning the remotely hypothetical into the highly possible. Ben Works and SIRIUS discern the absurd from fact, using primary sources of information: SIRIUS learns important things from Russian paratroopers, American tank officers, and other factual sources. For the DU issue, however, Works is unable to display as much research and investigative acumen as he did to debunk the Trepca spin.

Adolf Hitler noted in Mein Kampf (My Struggle) that people accepted a lie the more readily the more outrageous it was. The “massacres” of Srebrenica and Racak, the “destruction” of ancient Dubrovnik, the “death” camps in Bosnia, and numerous other terrible crimes of “Serbs” and “Milosevic” were outrageous lies concoted to demonize the Serb nation. With that it was easier for the Pentagon and NATO to get public acceptance of their military's criminal interventions in the Balkans. Hitler did the same by demonizing the Slavs, Jews, Gypsies and Jehovah Witnesses. Knowingly or not, Ben Works uses the lie as a double-edged sword. First, he authoritatively dispels the PsyOp fabrication of Trepca “atrocity controversy” (as if anybody in their right minds still believed it). In the Director's own words, SIRIUS gets the truth from US military officers, Yugoslav diplomats and other knowledgeable sources. SIRIUS works very hard to be honest, objective and dispassionate. It works out. Ben Works seeks to establish his credibility, particularly before the Serb audience (who by the way are also outspoken on the DU problem): Again, he goes on, Serbs and Serbian Americans would be tickled to know what I have learned from officers at NATO who knew how President Clinton's gang of buccaneers led this lethal confrontation so badly awry.

Second, Ben Works knows that Serb organizations like Serbian Unity Congress who publish his literature are suckers for any word defending Serb honour. He calculates his words to this end: In the case of this latest revival and regurgitation of the Trepca Mine pseudo-atrocity, I got in touch with a US military source who is also involved with the use of depleted uranium ammunition in Iraq and Kosovo, and with other aspects of NATO's bombing campaign. He lets the reader know that he has this and other confidential sources who give him details, including the “truth” on DU: Serbs should know, these men are not proud about that war; but admit that they missed 99% of Serb armour and hit without fail a multitude of civilian targets under orders from corrupt politicians.

Mad Cows Strike Back

He continues, all of my readers who are still entranced by the illusive DU hysteria will recognize this technique for turning the remotely hypothetical into the highly possible. In my opinion this mention of DU in passing is the PsyOp mission of the article: Having first established credibility on the Trepca issue, it implants doubts about the dangers of DU weapons.

We heard about “hysteria,” and about the “leftists” whipping it up, according to eminent articles like Michael Albert's diagnosis on Z Net. In Ben's essay they are “liberals.” We can anticipate from Works's concluding words the next “liberal” propaganda plot against innocent NATO that wants to bring peace and wealth to the world: Want to see another hysteria-in-the-making? Keyword search on 'Mad Cow Disease' this week, he smirks.

Does it mean that the Mad Cow Disease would also turn out to be a PsyOp diversion from really important current issues? I wished it was, for soon I will be in Poland, enjoying smoked sausages with beer and sour cukes. The weeks ahead look exciting. The hoaxes of “Serb” rape and death camps, assorted “massacres” and general savagery still remain untapped in NATO's desperate trade-offs to save their face … and skin, from hanging for war crimes and crimes against humanity for the use of DU weapons. I can't wait for more sham and impostors.


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