Bulldoze Governments out of Existence

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Friday, April 20, 2001
When you get what you wish for

Globe and Mail Update

Quebec City - Be careful what you ask for, the saying goes. You may get it. And we got it yesterday, 41 leaked pages of the most tortuous, turgid prose you could possibly imagine.

Intelligent people who know a lot about this stuff say the document headed FTAA - Negotiating Group on Investment is a road map for multinational corporations to bulldoze governments out of existence....

This is the first leak to trickle out of talks on the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas - a new economic constitution for the Western Hemisphere. It is one of nine draft chapters...

Read it Here

...There's enough in this document to indicate that many of the traditional tools of government stand to be stripped away in the name of ensuring equal, non-discriminatory access to markets. ...

The problem in analyzing the leaked chapter is that right now it's a mish-mash of alternative wordings. You can't tell which country is proposing what...

...Nevertheless, the broad direction is clear. Drastic limits are obviously being considered on the ability of governments to impose performance requirements on big investors....

..somebody ... is trying to replicate the much-maligned section of the North American free-trade agreement that allows corporations to sue governments, claiming discriminatory treatment. As Toronto trade lawyer Steven Shrybman points out, this amounts to a hemispheric charter of rights for entities that are not even parties to the agreement, and who are not obliged to take on any duties or responsibilities in return....

...If free trade's proponents really believe it will better the human condition, why should they be afraid of putting it in writing?

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