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Bush Under Arrest

by Isidor 4:45pm Sat Apr 21 '01
address: The Outaouais, Québec isidor@plutorus.com

Isidor, the stark raving positively mad revolutionary ranter from the Pontiac in Québec, is on his way to Québec City with the intention of making a citizen's arrest against George W Bush for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. Isidor points emphatically to the IRREFUTABLE PROOF regarding the design and widespread deployment of the HIV Virus. The US Department of Defense is responsible for AIDS!! There's no more denying it.

No more beating around the George W Bush...

Isidor, the stark raving revolutionary ranter from Québec has been sneaking up on the Pentagoons and even warning them, that he is going to arrest George W Bush for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

In his left hand, Isidor will hold the list of crimes committed by Bush himself; in his right hand, he will be trying to uphold the partial list (1) of crimes committed by the pentagoons and their goonads from the CIA (Criminal Intelligence Agency).

Among those crimes, Isidor points emphatically to the IRREFUTABLE PROOF regarding the design and widespread deployment of the HIV Virus. The US Department of Defense is responsible for AIDS. (For the irrefutable proof, refer to Boyd Graves and Len Horowitz).

How does THAT make you feel? Mad enough to blaze a trail through the mindless army of robo-cops and goons without gonads, protecting the assembly of "Hippopotacrits of Politics" at the FTAA masquerade in Québec City???

Well come on down!...

Let's help these brave warriors from the Black Bloc get through and help Isidor ARREST the REAL THREAT of the Twenty First Century, the REAL Head of organized crime, the REAL TERRORIST, the Real Phony...this non-elect, non-erect, incorrect, illegitimate, ignorant and delinquant impostor of mediocracy, the Ultimate Man In Black, head Bozo of DIS-United States of Americrap Incorporated: George W Bush. The same shrub who dismissed the signed Kyoto Agreement pertaining to toxic emissions. This "man" SPEWS toxic emissions... and gets away with it because he wears a painted-on smirk that's supposed to be a smile to seduce the gullible masses who actually "voted" for this inhumane monster.

Yes sir...They call it democracy. I call it mediocracy. Talk all you want, waste all our time, promise us prosperity all you want...while you spread your diseases and chemtrails all over the world, while you build weapons of ass destruction for mass consumption, while you deliver Mad Cow, spread "Foot-In-Mouth", concoct Brucellosis, engineer Ebola, distribute AIDS, the list goes on and on and on...And the massive denial goes on and on and on....

There is absolutely no limit to their entrenched stupidity being passed off as "Intelligence", no limit to their compulsive addiction to cashisch, no limit to the arrogance of their lies and broken promises, no limit to their enormous guilt and fear labeled: "National Security".....And the Beast goes on and on and on....

THEY ARE THE ENNEMY. If we only knew that simple truth and turned our attention to the root of this evil which is poisoning the Earth under the guise of economic global crapitalism...If we only knew a fraction of all that is being perpetrated in the name of "OUR NATIONAL SECURITY", we would stop struggling to put the puck in the net, we would stop running for the end zone, we would stop striving to hit the ball over the fence, WE WOULD STOP WASTING ALL OUR TIME, and we would gather up all our sticks, bats, football helmets, tennis rackets, courage and determination, and put it all to good use.

Those who constantly whine about how they will not tolerate violence are either, ignorant or frightened little wimps in which case they will have stopped reading a long time ago.

Why ignorant? Because....all of us who are alive today are here as a result of ancestors having HAD TO FIGHT a few times along the way in order to avoid abuse and enslavement. If we're not prepared to take a stand and stamp out evil when it's right in front of us, we will have no one to blame but ourselves when the whole house of cards comes tumbling down.

If it's up to Isidor and his sympathizers, this cancerous blob who is prancing around on our sacred ground, giving phony speeches written by someone else, causing all of us such a huge expense (more than just financially)...This blood drenched racketeer surrounded by mercenaries and assassins would be CAPTURED IMMEDIATELY and THROWN in that jail across the river...the one they cleared to make space for all these "terrifying" activists in the streets of Québec City, HOME of The Free!!! Pour Toujours. Amen.

Isidor from Québec



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