Declaration of War on Fascist Canada

I am SO sorry Jim, what bastards they are. I am not in a very good position either for what's coming. We MUST do something to wake up the Canadian sheople - the sickos in Ottawa are simply carrying out the agenda for their masters.

Know that thousands will be behind you once this gets out there, and I will ask THE POWER for a way to help you.

Take care.


Consider the following ostentatious words....

"We have the occasion... to build for our children, and the children of our children a better Canada. A Canada which will recognize the diversity and equality which should be in our society, a Canada which will protect the weakest in society... a Canada which will be an example to the world"

Can you think of who said this? (I'll tell you at the end.)

Well, we seem to have come some way in the wrong direction since then.

I think I need to declare war on Canada just so that I can survive.

I think it fair that I be able to starve federal bureaucrats who torture us and are trying to starve us to death.

After all, turnabout is fair play isn't it?

Do I have a right to protect myself against criminals who use our Justice system to steal from us?

Can a person declare an open war on their own government when their government is waging a covert war against them?

I do not think it fair that my country be able to starve me to death and I can not fight back against the federal bureaucrats doing this to us. These people are murdering people; like Debra Stefan who committed suicide so her insurance money can pay her taxes.

With malice of forethought, they are pursuing a personal vendetta against myself, my wife and my children.

Keep in mind, my problems with Revenue Canada did not start with us refusing to file taxes.

Indeed, after we lost everything, we called CCRA at least a dozen times asking what we should do and they just said "I don't know". It wasn't until we finally filed, as we believed we were lawfully compelled to, and could not pay; that the nightmare with CCRA began.

Can somebody please tell me what these people want?

Revenue Canada has struck again. This time garnisheeing half of Judith's pay cheque.

My wife finally got part time work and we managed to get off welfare. She has been getting quite a few hours and is making about $2000. a month. I have been managing to get some odd jobs and bringing in about another $600. a month. We have no other income. Our rent is $1375 a month. Electricity and gas cost another $450. Good nutrition for four kids? We're lucky if we can have enough macaroni and cheese and it is a struggle to keep food in the fridge, never mind anything else. We go daily further into debt and live hand to mouth.

CCRA have already sent my landlord a demand to pay to collect my damage deposit, so my landlord refused to renew the lease and we have to move out. Revenue Canada will get the damage deposit when we do so. This is the second time in three years that Revenue Canada has done this. And that is not enough for them. Now they have sent a garnishee to my wifes employer and seized $762. and left her with $731. It wasn't enough that we have to move when the lease is up, now we can't even afford to pay our rent. These people at Revenue Canada know full well that this leaves us with less than what we need to meet our basic necessities, as they knew we weren't even meeting them before.

Our problem with Revenue Canada is not one of tax avoidance or anything like that. A few years ago we lost everything in a burglary just after we had moved. With nearly everything in boxes, the thieves just loaded up and moved everything out. I had a home based computer software company. We were not insured and lost everything; computer business and all our personal effects of any value.. as well as a lot of things no one would have taken but for the fact that it was already packed. A few months later my wife was in a bad car accident. It wiped us out and we ended up living in our car with our four kids. We gave the landlady the furniture for back rent owed.

After we were burglarized, the RCMP refused to investigate. They refused us access to their stolen property locker. When we filed a formal complaint, they investigated themselves and found they had done nothing wrong but would be happy to investigate themselves again if I felt it necessary.

One of the first things I did was call Revenue Canada and explain what happened. I asked them what I should do and they said hire an accountant. I told them that not only was I broke and could not afford one, but I had lost all my files in the burglary. They said they didn't know what we could do, but they turned around and reassessed us for the year before and charged us another $650.

After my wifes car accident, ICBC was worse to deal with than the accident was and the lawyer we had should have been working for ICBC. And of course, the same division of RCMP lost the witness reports from the accident. (Our lawyer finally forced us to settle for far less than it has cost for my wifes rehabilitation to date to be done with them.)

When we arrived penniless back in Calgary, we went to Social Services, who gave us three bus tickets to look for work and sent us to the food bank. I had to pan handle the money for gas to get there since we didn't have enough bus tickets for the whole family. We dug ourselves out of that hole with no help from our government. Indeed, while we were trying to get back onto our feet, they were kicking us in the head.

Ok, so I owe taxes to pay for WHAT SOCIAL PROGRAMS? It seems I paid my end of the social contract for years and then got nothing. Why does the government need money from me now? And what is this nonsense that the government steals everything you own and then you have to go begging for a pittance back and they call it a social program? It's a damn social atrocity is what it is. (Oh and as far as our taxes going to support social programs, that is a farce. I just read the Alberta budget and only 4.9% of our taxes are slated for social assistance and job training... and most of that is taken up in administration costs.)

So let's talk about paying my fair share.

What is my fair share?

More than I earn?

First of all, I think it is fair if I pay my own way and am not a burden on society.

This being the case, I think it is fair that I am allowed to at least survive before I have to pay anything for the non-existent social programs I keep hearing about.

What is this demand to pay thing that Revenue Canada keeps sending everyone I know? When I was working for Deloitte and Touche, they sent a demand to pay to them and collected all the money owed to me. They never gave me a receipt, and even though I hadn't worked, they estimated I owed them even more. They forced me out of business long ago and yet still send me demands to pay and estimates for a business that they put me out of over two years ago. They have sent two landlords demands to pay to collect my damage deposit and forced me out of two rental houses. We don't have the money to move.

Even people that declare bankruptcy still get to keep their house. Not having one, we don't even get that.

My problems started with Revenue Canada when I filed my income taxes. We could hardly afford the accountant and I think he messed up. He never declared anything that we lost. How you lose everything you own and end up living in your car with your four kids and still owe Revenue Canada money, I don't know. As soon as we filed they wanted a pile of money and we said, but we have nothing. When John Whitburn from CCRA came to our home, I opened the door and let him in. I showed him that we were sleeping on matresses on the floor. I showed him our empty fridge and cupboards. I offered him absolutely everything we owned, which would leave us with nothing and told him I could not do better than that. He said we didn't have anything that would interest them and asked if I had a bank account. I said I did, but there was nothing in it. I gave him the number. He sent a demand to pay to the bank and they gave him my last $3.21 and closed the account. So we never had a bank account but that did not matter, because after they called everyone in my receipt book to ask them if we owed them money, I didn't have a business left anyway. At this time I told CCRA to take me to court if they had a claim against me. They never have.

Being broke, we apparently are so far beneath humanity and contempt that we do not deserve a day in court to at least tell a judge we have nothing left. Why does CCRA need to carry on this vendetta against us? We have done nothing to them and they have certainly done nothing for us for all the years of taxes they have stolen.

Having even been inside my house and seeing with their own eyes that we had nothing left, CCRA still keeps running us into the ground. This violates even their own misbegotten rules. (Speaking of which, has anyone in Canada ever produced a certified copy of the Act? The Act that CCRA brings into court is written by a Belgian company called CCH who also write the US income tax act, which is also unconstitutional. This is part of a global banking criminal conspiracy. These people have stolen $4 Trillion from Canadians since 1965 and no one seems concerned. Are we a nation of retards, or just totally spineless?)

Which brings us to the topic of federal government crimes and the reason I want to declare War on Canada.

First and number one, because they have already stolen everything we have, everything my children will ever make and every hope or dream we will ever conceive.

We have nothing left for them to take and yet they still keep attacking us.

I have emailed every MP in Canada about this situation.

I have mailed every MP in Canada about this situation.

I have emailed every MLA in Canada about this situation.

I have emailed every Justice Department official I could find in Canada about this situation.

I have contacted every police station I could find a fax number for about this situation.

I also wrote a book about what is going on, printed it myself and mailed it to all of the above.

When I wanted to charge CCRA, I took my complaint to the RCMP, who sent me to Legal Aid, Legal Aid sent me to Legal Guidance, Legal Guidance sent me to the Crown Prosecutor, the Crown Prosecutor sent me to the Justice Department. The Justice Department turned around and called Revenue Canada and gave them my number. Revenue Canada called me and demanded to know what I was doing at the Justice Department. Finally she said; "You dumb bastard, they aren't going to charge us, the work for us". So I called the Justice Department back and asked why they called the criminals after I told them about criminal activity. I told the fellow what the lady from CCRA had said and all he said was; "Well she has it backwards, they work for us". I was incredulous. Well, now you know why you don't get Justice in court when you have the CCRA on your butt, it is the Justice system that has you in court.

(By the way, when a Justice System exists solely to enrich the Treasury, this is known as a Star Chamber Court. Which was outlawed by the way, just in case a law type might actually want to work at the law instead of just practise it.)

Here is what I learned when I started looking into how it was possible for the CCRA to keep molesting and torturing us when they knew full well that we had nothing left.

Income taxes are unconstitutional. Regardless of the lawyerese double talk, income tax is unconstitutional. Since lawyers are going to keep arguing about the wording all the while financially raping us, there is no sense trying to determine whether the actual wording gives the federal government the right to collect income taxes. Let us defer instead to common sense and the following two points;

a) The federal government sucks the life blood out of everything it casts its eyes on. If they had the constitutional right to collect income taxes, they would have started doing so in 1867.

b) What was the 'temporary' Income War Measures Act to institute an income tax in 1917 all about if the federal government had the constitutional right to collect them already?

Two little points = ONE BIG FEDERAL LIE

I think I deserve my day in court with CCRA. They have conscientiously gone out of their way to ruin me when they knew I had nothing. Keep in mind they were in my house and confirmed for themselves I had nothing. I gave them everything and they stole my last $3.21 when they knew it was all I had in there. My wife doesn't even owe the income taxes they garnisheed her cheque for. They garnisheed her wages to pay estimated GST on my company that CCRA put out of business and estimated I owed money for. (I actually never even got it off the ground thanks to CCRA.) Up until we lost everything and my wife was in the car accident, I had always paid my taxes. ALWAYS.

I am also told that the government represents the people of Canada. I would like to ask you as a Canadian, why are you allowing your government to do this to us? Believe me, if I had any money, I would have given it to you guys. Nobody in their right mind, left mind or even right out of their mind would put up with the abuse CCRA heaps on Canadians if they could afford to pay the vig to the thugs. Like I said, up until we lost everything and my wife was in the car accident, I had always paid my taxes.


I don't mind paying my fair share, but damn, I am telling all of you, we are trying our best to support our children and your government is making that impossible.

When you are taking our money and leaving us not even enough for food or rent, you are trying to starve us to death.

What do you, my fellow Canadians, have against me and my family having even the bare necessities?

It is just stupid to keep estimating our taxes higher and higher.

If we had the money we would have paid off your criminal government long ago.

If you believe that R.B. McMeekin has overstepped the bounds of common decency by seizing my wifes cheque, please show some solidarity and call him at (403) 231 - 3091 and ask him what he is trying to prove. Or, if you really hate me for not having any money and want to do something about it, call RB McMeekin and tell him that he should be taking me to court. Or fax this letter to him at (403) 266 - 2361. For that matter, make copies for everyone you know and ask them to fax it as well. Or even email it to everyone on your list. Maybe if enough people say something, these people will quit hassling people to death. ...I would like to declare war on Canada just to get it the Hell off my back, ... just so I can afford to feed my family.

Oh, the quote at the beginning.... it was by the 'Honourable' Jean Chretien in the House of Commons on February 17, 1981. You will find that particular quote in an interesting little book called "The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms". That same book that gaurantees us our day in court before being held civilly liable. So much for that. That same book that gaurantees us "the right to life, liberty and security of the person". Does stealing the food out of our childrens mouths and turfing us out onto the street give us some feeling of security that we are missing here? The only fear I have is of MY GOVERNMENT robbing us again. So much for that.

So much for Jean's contribution for the Charter. Looks like even Chretien thinks so little of his own words that he wipes his butt on them. I guess you lower yourself even in your own estimation when every word that comes out of your mouth is a lie. Hey, elect me, I scrap da GST!! Yeah right. And the rest of us are supposed to be mild mannered and patient, honest upstanding citizens?

For what?

So we are easier to victimize?

Cheers, Jim

Jim Townsend
Custom Visual Basic Programming



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