Here they come...

I'm bracing myself.

This morning we had a power outage on our street in Toronto... a cable exploded a block away, and it took them two hours to fix it. Not knowing when the power would be turned back on, I sauntered up the street to ask the crew how long it would be before power was restored.

They told me it wouldn't be long as they were almost done... but when I told them it was hard for me to be without power as I work at home and am totally hamstrung by a power outage, the crew boss responded that I should "Get used to it. It's going to get a lot worse, and the prices are going to skyrocket.."

I asked him, "You know why this is happening, don't you?"

Politics", he responded. They privatize Ontario's hydroelectric grid tomorrow.

A judge has stopped the sake of one component of the system, Hydro One, but the new premier says he's proceeding with the sale despite the ruling by the court!

WHAT???? Who died and appointed HIM God??

Nobody elected him; he took over from the last SOB, who up and quit, citing "personal reasons". Now, I wonder when that judge will be run out of town on a rail for daring to dispute them... and meanwhile, they sell off ( TO WHOM???) the resources that are OURS, the PEOPLE'S....and WE PAY....

We have a third of Canada's population here in Ontario, and essentially drive the entire Canadian economy from Toronto, despite efforts to decentralize the banking system to Montreal and Vancouver.

What they do to us here they do to the entire country. There is already an office opening here of US MIlitary, on the 'grounds' that Canada must coordinate its defence system with the USA.

Now we follow with the perfectly timed release of the "60 Minutes" episode in which they claim that Canada is a nest of terrorist organizations... and follow it with statements from American officials that if we do not follow their orders with respect to OUR security, they will RESTRICT TRADE.... so guess what is happening in Parliament?

CHAOS. I wonder, when are we supposed to start singing the Star Spangled Banner? Or is there an anthem for the NWO?




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