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June 22, 2001


Local Salmon Arm professor, David Lethbridge, currently before the courts facing a criminal charge of defamatory libel under s. 301 of the Criminal Code, is now facing a second charge of libel in relation to his publications.

Mr. Wes Mann, organizer of the Festival of the Ages, has also filed an identical charge against Mr. Lethbridge, who was served with this summons while making his first appearance at court in relation to the original charge laid by Ms. Anderson.

Supporters of Ms. Anderson completely overwhelmed the courtroom, with over a dozen people forced to stand as a result of lack of space. This further charge against Mr. Lethbridge is next scheduled for court appearance on August 7, 2001.

Mr.Wes Mann states that he has been attacked several times in the past by Mr. Lethbridge and has also now finally decided to take a stand.

Mr. Mann states that neighbours have appeared on his property accusing him of being a racist and other names as a result of Mr. Lethbridge's unprovoked and false public attacks. 'I am not a fascist and have never associated with any fascists,' says Mr. Mann. 'Mr. Lethbridge is out to prevent my festival, which is the largest in Canada, from continuing due to the incredible success we have had in providing truthful information to Canadians about unlawful taxes, freedom issues, health issues and other vital topics.

This can only be because of his communist beliefs which require him to lie and do whatever is necessary to promote communism, as his own communist policies require.'

'I promote freedom of speech and other important values Canadians cherish. Mr. Lethbridge is an admitted communist member and promotes this in his articles.

Canadians must ask the obvious, who has the real political agenda here?

Certainly it is Mr. Lethbridge.'

Eileen Pressler has successfully sued Mr. Lethbridge for defamatory libel, which was upheld by the B.C. Court of Appeal. Another case against Mr. Lethbridge is pending and scheduled to be heard this fall. Mr. Lethbridge was found guilty in the previous case of mooning people, damaging innocent peopleā€'property, and placing threatening phone calls.

'I am calling upon the Okanagan University to immediately terminate this man's employment. We cannot have this man, an admitted communist, committing these types of atrocities and unlawful acts against innocent people on a repeated basis, working at a public university teaching these unlawful tactics to our children' says Mr. Mann.

David Lindsay,
Agent for Mr. Mann

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