Information: Anyone still doubting whether this "New World Order" which is being forced on humanity exists? Here's a piece from our local paper that ought to make you think.

OTTAWA, Canada. An executive with Royal and Sun Alliance Financial, one of Canada's largest insurance companies, says his firm would use individual genetic information when assessing client risk, should it become available - and predicts most of the industry would follow suit.

"If the information is there, we would like to be able to use it in our risk assessment," said LarrySinclair, the company's director responsible for issuing policies, in response to last week's announcement that the entire human genome has been mapped for the first time.

"If someone has had specific testing and knows they have a predisposition to a genetic problem, then obviously as an insurance company to properly select the risk, we would like to have the same information," he said.

Sinclair said most insurers will be keeping a close eye on developments in genetic testing. Since the area is so new, Royal and Sun Alliance currently asks no questions regarding genetic testing and has no policies in place to deal with it.

But in the U.S. where testing is a hotter issue, some states are drafting laws prohibiting companies from asking for or using this type of information, he said. adding that he's unsure if Canada will adopt similar legislation.

Keep up the fight David, we are praying for you every day.

Take care.


Source: Excerpted from an article in Southam Newspapers 6 July/00

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