I called Revenue Canada

Dear David Icke,

I know you are a busy man, so I'll try to get to the point. All my life I've had a horrible fascination with the unknown. Government, U.F.O.'s, Ghosts, Where we really come from, What is really going on here on planet earth, etc....

Through this curiosity, many adventures have been had, and many answers achieved, some only in partial.

It is my experience that any and all Government Agencies are privy to information that could be helpful to the future of mankind, yet they keep their secret knowledge and use it as leverage against us.

For example:
I called Revenue Canada to ask a tax question. It was like pulling teeth. This lead to a heated discussion, and, in the end, I received more information than required. The answer was Income Tax is only to be implemented to pay for the war, other than that, to remain dormant. The question, Can they investigate some money that was missing from my paycheque. After the final answer, I received a threat. Do you see the pattern? I'm not trying to go off topic.

It seems that any form of power relies on misinformation, coersion, and intimidation, from small business, to the highest echelon.

I've looked into the eyes of those in power, and have seen monsters. Not the subordinates, but those in command. I can almost see who will rise to the top, and those who will be used until they are dry, and then discarded like rotton garbage.

My question is what is really going on? I have read certain laws, regarding an issue I needed to address & contacted a government official, relayed what I had read to an official, and was told it did not exist. I volunteered to fax him a copy and he became very angry, defensive. He wanted nothing more to do with me or my problem. The problem that they created.

If they go through such pains to cover-up small things, what will they do to cover up larger things. Maybe, contrails, aliens, abduction, bio-war agents, population control vaccines, outside contact, the trilateral comission, "FOOD SUPPLIES", MEDICINE, etc....

I appologise for being so sporratic, your web site has sparked so many more questions. I've been searching for a site like yours for quite some time, and ecstatic to find yours. Keep up the great work. Thank you for your courage to speak the truth, and your selflessness for sharing your discoveries with us.


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