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Thank you for including today's information about the Native issue in Canada, and the minister who blew the whistle.

Canadian Truth and Justice Seeker attacked by the Canadian Puppet Thought Police
for Exposing the Canadian Holocaust , Paedophiles & Child Sacrifices
Perpetrated and Covered Up by the Church and State

Just for the record, I am not surprised Ingram was taken off the air. The Susan Cameron-Block show which was weeknights 10 pm for an hour here in Vancouver/Lower Mainland has also been removed - she was to hold 26 weeks every Thursday of what she called Grand Jury, and had begun discussing on these a number of corruptions in the government here. It was her show that helped put a stop to the privatization of B.C.'s water when the citizens did they stuff and got it stopped.

I had a few days previous to that read a tiny piece in I think The Province newspaper, stating that Shaw Cable (who aired the Ingram show and other stuff like the water issue) were changing their programming. Surprise, surprise!

A few weeks ago, Avi Lewis, who had a show on CBC Newsworld at 8 p.m. Monday to Thursday reported he had "taken a sabatical". He too was covering contentious issues, particularly the Quebec issue.

So, once again the noose is tightening and the lizards are taking more control. However, they haven't figured the strength and determination in people - the people who will continue to fight for democracy and what's right.

Keep up the great work - we still have a long long way to go, but I believe, and I pray for, strength to continue what we are all doing in our own ways.

Tell David we love him - heard him on Tuesday on Rense - wonderful he is - gives me such strength.


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