Tracking Devices

Dear David,

I would very much like to thank you for you efforts at exposing the horrendous state of our present existence. Our lack of freedom is stupendous and quite hard to take, but I try.

This morning, my alarm went off and the news came on. The lead story told how car thefts had risen by 84%. (In comparison to what, they did not say - or perhaps in my sleepiness, I did not hear.) They also stated that this was now reason - proof positive - to put tracking devices in one's car. This tracking device would be hooked up to a central computer and low and behold, your vehicle would now be safe.

These people are preying on the public's fear of losing their "stuff." This newscast is highly suspect. I looked them up in the phone book. Toronto, Ontario - CHUM Radio Station's main telephone number is (416) 925-6666 and their news hotline is (416) 925-1133. As you can see, their telephone numbers incorporate the Satanic Mark of the Beast - 666 as well as the Sacred number 13 and its Satanic reversal of 31. I phoned them and left a message, incorporating "Shame on You" and "I'm going to tell everyone I know what propaganda this is."

I urge you to post this as I'm sure that this type of newscast will soon be coming out everywhere, if it isn't already, as the Brotherhood steps up their agenda of tracking the entire population. I urge anyone who is reading this note to tell everyone they meet that this is propaganda of the worst kind and that it simply is not true. Just think how incredibly effective this will be if the news of the propaganda gets out before the newscasts. If we stand together and not allow them to brainwash the masses, we might have a chance. Anyone who is reading your articles is aware of what's happening. It's the other poor souls who are blindly being led by the nose that need to be told.

At the expense of losing my friends and the respect of my family, I intend to grab this story by the short and curlies and not let it go. I will enlist whoever I can because as we all know, today these devices will be voluntary and tomorrow they will be mandatory, the lack of which will be punishable by law.

God help us all,
sincerely M.A.

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