Ex-Executive Director of the United Way
& Ex-Justice of the Peace
Knight of Columbus
Keith Jodoin
Arrested for Sexual Assault

On Thursday August 24th, Keith Jodoin, the Executive Director of the United Way for many years, was charged and arrested by Project Truth OPP officers on one count of sexual assault on a male who was 21 years old at that time, some fifteen years ago. Some have said that because of his age, how could a sexual assault occur. He was old enough to defend himself. This man was at that time, a student and working a Summer job placement in Keith Jodoin's office when he was Justice of the Peace. He was asked to go with him to his house on Island 17 to do some work around the house.

Now put a 21 year old woman in that car instead of him. Throughout the drive she is sexually harassed with all kinds of sexual innuendo. Once the car is stopped, Keith lunges over and grabs her by the crotch and starts to feel her up. Would that consist of a sexual assault on a woman? Well, of course and that is what happened to him. He, shocked at the suddenness of the attack, fends him off and removes his hands. His work environment is now hostile and his contract for the balance of the Summer is not renewed. He tells his sister of the event and later that week, tells Keith's secretary. The women in the office had joked and teased him when they found out that he was going to Island 17 with Keith. In essence, they told him to be careful.

There may be only one complainant on the charge but do you honestly think that a Crown Attorney would sign off on an arrest warrant against the once powerful Keith Jodoin on only this information without further evidence. Many may have come forward during the Project Truth investigations but did not want to charge him for fear of getting into trouble. Since his Justice of the Peace days, Keith has had total access to boys on probation and to boys who lived at Laurencrest, the home for problem youth in trouble with the law. Did he use the threat of revoking their probations like Seguin and Barque did? How has he gotten access to these boys for so many years? What authority would allow that? Could we order these boys over to our house to ostensibly do our yardwork? According to his neighbours, he always had these boys over to his house and he still does. And yes, they had concerns. Has anyone ever asked why the constant flow of very vulnerable "youths at risk" and what reason did he give to get these boys over to his house every week. Lawn mowing, no doubt? The authorities who sanctioned this ever display any concerns or was it just simply "Yes, Mr. Jodoin". "How many boys would you like, Mr. Jodoin"? "We'll deliver them this morning, Mr. Jodoin." Is that how it went, Mr. Jodoin?

Keith Jodoin was groomed by the now infamous Monsignor R.J. MacDonald. In his early days he managed the bowling alley at St. Columban's Hall. Later he was promoted to manager of the Hall. He joined the Knights of Columbus and lo and behold, he becomes Justice of the Peace, an overnight sensation. With little education and no knowledge of the Law, he is now Justice of the Peace and Court Administrator until 1992 although he was on sick leave from 1989 on. It's really hard to find information on Keith. The United Way had no bio, neither does the Standard Freeholder. No one seems to remember how he achieved his status from bowling alley manager to Justice. As a conservative, he is well connected politically but back then, he had no political connections except for the Diocese and the Knights. Another key posting for the pedophile clan. Is there any doubt now that the Justice system in Cornwall has been totally corrupted?

Have you noticed how many Knights have been charged with sexual offenses? Malcolm MacDonald was a 4th Degree Knight as is Ron Wilson (who has yet to be charged) who is not only a 4th Degree Knight but in charge of the whole District. Keith is a 4th Degree Knight. Have you wondered why the United Way Board kept him on. Most of the male Board members are Knights. You can't have 3rd Degree Knights passing judgment on a 4th Degree Knight. They are the priests' protectors as well. They have sworn an oath never to talk against priests.

Someone other than me should look into how Keith had so much access to these troubled children and how he achieved his status in the community.

I don't know much about the Knights and their organization. I know that 4th Degree Knights are separate from the ordinary Knights. They run a separate organization with the Diocese.

How much defense Keith will put up is unknown but the cards are stacked against him. During his stay in office for these many years, Keith suffered from a Nixon phobia. He apparently audio-taped just about everyone who came into his office and he did the same with telephone conversations. He has boxes of these tapes that he keeps moving around. Project Truth officers know about these tapes.

This is what Jamie Bateman recalls: "On or about 1990-1992 I rented property from Joan Evason on Island 17. Joan is the past Executive Secretary to Keith Jodoin at the United Way. She called me once stating she was very afraid because Keith had asked her to hide audio tapes in her home. Keith stated that "something big was about to happen and that his offices and home would be searched." Joan told me that Keith said to her that he would not go down alone and that he had audio-tapes about everything. Joan stated to me that she and her then boyfriend, Mike, had listened to some of the tapes and they were terrible. Apparently, Mike, took the information to the O.P.P. in or around 1990-1995. At the time of the conversation with Joan, she asked me to hide the tapes for her. She then changed her mind.

Well Mr. Jodoin, will you take the fall alone or bring down others with you?


Everywhere we turn, every nation, every city, government office, corporation, church,
--- we find these reptilian, power-based attrocities.

For victims and people dealing with victims of reptilian paedophile abuse, we have gathered a collection of books and research that may assist you.

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