Ritual-Satanic-Sexual Abuse
Occurred, are
Consistent, Constant, Connected
and Repeated,
Over and Over,
Again and Again.

Naming names

This writer has reviewed testimonials and submissions, in copious quantities, from different witnesses and different victims, submitted from locations throughout North America; areas where the victims, survivors and witnesses choose to live or hide. As this story becomes more open for public scrutiny, more and more individual's who are victims and witnesses are coming forward and speaking out. In all the testimonials and submissions I have reviewed, names of the accused, names of individual's charged and individuals victimized, institutions involved, and venues where the alleged historical sexual abuse and historical ritual-satanic-sexual abuse occurred, are consistent, constant, connected and repeated, over and over, again and again.

Furthermore: it is my information and belief that the judicial system, police, defense lawyers, Crown Prosecution and others have many or all of the same documentations. In light of the aforementioned; preliminary hearings are delayed, prosecutions of accused are stagnant, continuous remarks of closing Project Truth are published, the 2nd reading of a provincially legislated bill requesting investigation of the investigator's is imminent but will be defeated, at least one of the accused has died without public explanation surrounding the "cause of death", Project Truth files were stolen, accused are found in a court of law to be guilty but not guilty enough.

Publishing names of pedophiles either charged or accused is necessary and important for the people of Cornwall so that they can see the depth of the problem and at the same time protect their children from those men who are now "outed". Extraordinary situations require extraordinary means. Publishing the names of "accused" sex offenders is necessary in protecting the public and soliciting more alleged victims. One source supporting this belief was published in the "Kitchener/Waterloo "THE RECORD", dated, April, 2000; Kitchener, Ontario, CANADA. "Accused Identified." "Youth group leader faces total of 38 sex charges. A court order issued Monday allows the accused man's name to be published after "The Kitchener/Waterloo Record" challenged in Kitchener provincial court a previous court order banning the publication. We don't want to publish the victims, just the accused. The members of the community have a right to know who stands before this court on these charges." "Court-ordered publication bans of names of people accused of a criminal offence are rare."

This website goes beyond the court-order mentioned above. This website believes names of "accused", but not yet criminally charged people, should also be publicized, in the better interests of the community. This website and the information contained herein, was developed because, it is believed by the committee of this website, that, there currently exists, real or perceived facts, which would lead any reasonable person to suspect or believe, improprieties such as fraud, misrepresentation, misinformation, due-process of the law, and or cover-up of one kind or another exists, whereupon such unlawful acts and omissions are impeding the investigation, arrest and prosecution of the accused, in good faith. The long-term objective of this website is to provide (the site) as a vehicle or "change agent", subsequently helping victims, survivors, families, groups and communities improve social and health services through relevant legislative processes to prevent, alleviate, or contribute to the solution of a recognized social problem.

Some thirty men are proceeding with personal injury lawsuits against most of the following named pedophiles. The civil courts were the only place for us as most of our abusers have either died or committed suicide prior to trial or upon being charged. Also, the Justice system has not proven to us that it can be trusted in criminal matters of sexual abuse. We are mostly in our late 30's to late 60's and all of us are in terrible psychological, emotional and physical shape as a result of the abuse. More than several can no longer function in society and live on disability pensions. Those abused by Ken Séguin or Nelson Barque under threat of either providing sexual favours or have their probation revoked and then be sent to Alfred, one of the worst sexually and physically abusive youth institutions in Canada, fared the worst. By not complying with Seguin or Barque`s wishes, they endured the most horrific of physical, emotional and spiritual tortures.


My interest in the full disclosure of the pedophile network in Cornwall began as I developed my own case against the Cornwall Classical College and its priests. The College was created shortly after the War, and opened as le Collège classique de Cornwall on a private basis laying the foundation of a liberal arts course as desired by the then Bishop, Bishop Brodeur. The College provided both high school and from 1953, when it became affiliated with the University of Ottawa, post-secondary education, but only in liberal arts. During the early fifties, students attended classes in three houses located on Lawrence Street between Montreal Road and First Street East. In 1953, the student body consisted of 80 students with 12 priests of the teaching order, Les Clercs St.Viateur, rotating from classroom to classroom. Les Clercs still govern several colleges in the Province of Québec and one on the outskirts of Winnipeg, Manitoba. They lived on site on Lawrence Street while students mostly from Cornwall lived at home.

In 1955, the College moved to brand new facilities located on Windmill Point in Cornwall's East End. The student body within a few years grew to over 400 as some 200 boarders swelled the day population. Courses were taught in a strongly Catholic setting - very few staff members were laymen - and vocations for the priesthood were encouraged.

Indeed, the largest groups of graduates became teachers and priests while a handful went into medicine and law. The initial phase was open only to men, but in 1964, women were admitted in the hope of the College becoming a university institution. The College had hoped to coexist with the new St. Lawrence College as a full off-campus college of the University of Ottawa (by then, no longer a clerical but a lay university), but provincial regulations did not allow such an arrangement between academic and technical institutions. The College closed in 1968 due to financial difficulties. In that same year, St. Lawrence College, a technical community college, moved into the premises and is still there today.

The Clercs St. Viateur went far and wide to recruit boarders but mostly in the Province of Ontario where there existed large French Catholic populations such as Kitchener, Welland, Kapuskasing, Sudbury, North Bay and Penetanguishene. The priests also rotated within Cornwall's Catholic churches saying mass on weekends and the like under the supervision of the Diocese.

Throughout the fifties and sixties, the College brought many young boys to Cornwall and pedophiles naturally followed. Many of those boys were from out of town and lived in dormitories and as a result, were sexually assaulted in the dorms, priests' rooms or other places. I was sexually assaulted in the St. Francis de Sales presbytery by Father Hector Côté. Father Bérubé is charged with physical assault as well as reckless endangerment as he provided boys for others to sexually enjoy. There were no less than 300 charges plus against Rev. Jean Primeau, who died upon his knowing that he was going to be charged by OPP Project Truth. Through my search, I found several students who had committed suicide and who had died of aids. Many preferred not to join the lawsuit as they had kept silent all these years and did not want to reopen old wounds that could affect their family and their careers.

The College Connection

I believe that the pedophile network started its operations in the 1950s and it began with the College coming to Cornwall. All of the following were either priests at the College, associates or graduates from the College. Single stars indicate that they have been charged; double stars indicate that they are now deceased. Three stars indicate that they were either charged or about to be charged but died rather than face the charges. Those with no stars have yet to be charged.

There are witness statements against all of the following fourty or so pedophiles.

Martial (Killer) Gagnon was a well known pedophile in Cornwall`s East End and a close friend of the College, but especially to Rev. Paul Lapierre and Rev. Bérubé. To charge Father Bérubé with reckless endangerment, I had to prove that he knew that Killer was a pedophile when he told boys to spend weekends with him. He was charged in the late fifties and early sixties with sexual assaults but his case files have either disappeared from the archives or were destroyed. However, on checking with the Land Registry office as to the disposal of his property, since he had to get out of town, found that it had been transferred to Malcolm MacDonald for one dollar on January 31, 1964. The Cornwall Standard-Freeholder reported on January 21, 1964 the following:

"Given Probation on three counts. Martial Gagnon, formerly of Chevrier street, pleaded guilty to three charges of indecent assault when he appeared yesterday in magistrates court here. He was given two years probation on the condition that he stay away from Cornwall".

This was the first connection that I had found between the College and its priests with the larger group of pedophiles in Cornwall.

The Coverup

The above eight men conspired to obstruct and corrupt justice. They chose the route of coverup rather than come clean. Now we can understand why Perry Dunlop had such a hard time bringing the truth forward. Chief Claude Shaver took over the investigation of the David Silmser case to protect his pedophile friends Rev. Charles MacDonald and Ken Séguin and his own skin plus the status-quo. Supported by his associate Ron Wilson then Chair of the Cornwall Police Services Board, they did everything possible to thwart and discredit Perry and the investigation through threats, intimidation, harassment, illegal orders and the cover-up. These six men had a vested interest in the case not seeing daylight, even to the point where Malcolm MacDonald, Rev. Charles MacDonald, Ken Séguin and Ron Leroux discussed murdering Perry and his family. At one point, just before his suicide, Ken stated to Ron Leroux: "I feel bad for this poor cop and his family. They want to get rid of them. They are going to rub them out.''

On November 4, 1993, Chief Shaver proclaimed that the investigation was over, no doubt due to the $32,000 settlement to David Silmser by Bishop Eugène Larocque to keep Silmser`s mouth shut.

The payout raised much furor in the community. Questions on the roles lawyers Malcolm MacDonald and Jacques Leduc played in the settlement landed Malcolm in front of the courts where he pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and received an absolute discharge. Leduc has since been charged with a number of sexual assaults on young boys. Meanwhile Bishop Larocque denied knowing of the gag order in the settlement agreement and denied, denied, denied all allegations of any improprieties.

On November 2, 1993, Shaver resigned as Chief of Police when things got too hot. But he was still firmly in control of decisions with respect to Const. Dunlop's discipline according to a statement by Acting Chief Jos St. Denis. On his resigning, he received $200,000 dollars, a car and his pension premiums paid so that he could receive all of his benefits. He quickly exited Cornwall to Florida.

Ken Séguin committed suicide a few weeks later, on November 24,1993, after he was told by Malcolm that Dunlop would not let it go. Malcolm had said that he had inside information from the Chief that Dunlop was not going to let it go.

The Police hierarchy knew what was going on as two other complainants came forward with the same charges. But rather than follow-up on the complaints, they carried on obstructing justice and chose to persecute and demonize Perry. In effect they became part of the conspiracy and are as guilty as the others. The Police have much to answer for in this matter. We have it on good authority that senior officers were told not to investigate old charges, only new ones.Perhaps their own skeletons in their closets started to rattle and were under duress to cooperate but following orders is no longer an excuse. Staff Sergeant Brunet who threatened Perry, Inspector Richard Trew, Acting Inspector Richard Carter, Staff Sergeant Brendon Welles, Inspector Stuart McDonald and Deputy Chief Jos St. Denis are all guilty of obstruction of justice and harassment for they knew what was going on and did nothing .The case became about Perry Dunlop, not Father Charlie or Ken Séguin. It is unbelievable that Ken and Father Charlie were never interviewed or asked to give a statement at that time.

Chief Shaver bypassed all chains of command directing this investigation according to a statement by the Deputy Chief Jos St. Denis who also stated that he had little or no input or was not involved in most discussions between the Chief's Office and. the CIB. Why did the Criminal Investigations Branch lose jurisdiction to the Chief? Was he actively investigating the case? Where are his notes? The case was given at one point to a totally inexperienced officer, Constable Heidi Sebalj, (the same 'Heidi' in Ron Leroux's affidavit) who did no investigation and attempted under instructions to hide the file into the Projects file, an exclusive file maintained by the Drug Unit. This file was for informant information or current secretive operations that were currently being conducted. Access to this file was limited to authorized personnel who were given an access code. Specific authorized access is required to enter Project files. Constable Sebalj had no such authority therefore who gave her the access password? By entering this incident into the Project file, it would ensure that members of the Cornwall Police force would have no clue as to the sexual assault incident by Séguin and MacDonald. As well, other police officers from any other police service that may investigate similar acts by the same said individuals would not have access or knowledge of this case. Constable Sebalj has been on stress leave since 1994 and has never returned to her duties as a police officer.

How could the Ottawa Police and the OPP who investigated the Cornwall Police give the Cornwall Police a clean bill of health and that there were, after a year-long investigation by the OPP (as stated in their 1994 Christmas Eve press release,) no grounds to charge Rev. Charles MacDonald. However, Perry was charged in 1994 by the Cornwall Police through the Police Complaints Commission on the basis of one manufactured complaint. He was charged with Discreditable Conduct and two counts of Breach of Confidence related to his disclosure of the David Silmser statement to the Children's Aid Society. A Board of Enquiry dismissed the charges but the Cornwall Police appealed the verdict and again, the charges against Perry were dismissed.

Ron Leroux, in his affidavit, also states that the late Msgr. R.J. MacDonald, the late Rev.John McPhail, the late Rev.John Donihee, and the late Rev. Norman Loney were all pedophiles. It is generally known as well, that all the Bishops, from Bishop Brodeur on, were and are pedophiles.

The Supporting Cast (except for a few exceptions, these men are all close associates of Malcolm and Company. They knew each other, did business together, partied and shared boys together. As a result, many men reported in their statements that they had been multiply abused.

Former Cornwall Detective Calvin Scott is mentioned throughout the many statements as one who enabled Ken Séguin and who knew what was going on but did nothing. So did Joss Van Deepen know as he was Ken's coworker and he too did nothing. He even perjured himself in a deposition,

Another case, this time about ritual or satanic cult sex is in the hands of the Cornwall Police for investigation. Many of the above are involved as are many other persons whose names must remain unknown for now pending the results of the Police Investigation.

http://www. projecttruth2. html

Can all these be 'just coincidence'?
The odds against all these events being coincidence
would be astronomical!
How many coincidences does it take
to make a conspiratorial fact?

There is a 'global' nature in these reptilian methods of operation and they are all the same or similar and interconnected to each other. What happens in Lincoln, Nebraska, also happens in Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia, and virtually every nation on earth. Exposing the 'big' global picture and how all these things interconnect, particularly with paedophilism, are facts, evidences, and truths these criminals did not want exposed. (www.davidicke.com)

For victims and people dealing with victims of reptilian paedophile abuse, we have gathered a collection of books and research that may assist you.

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