"The great news is more and more people are waking up.
The transformation is beginning."

Media Manipulation
Caught in the Act

Once you see it, the brainwash/manipulation is so obvious.

After 9-11 I applied the problem-reaction-solution paradigm to everything that unfolded and I believe I could write your newsletters now. In fact I've been spreading my "crackpot vitriol" all over net forums.

I tried to get in there fast before the jingoism really got rolling (as I'm dealing almost exclusively with an American audience-I am Canadian) and average citizens are so sadly blinded to other explanations other than what CNN and Bush offer. It takes some patience to gradually redirect their analysis from simply blaming the proposed target. The "for us or against us" line took quick root.

From the found terrorist passports, the Arabic-language flight manual (what a joke!), Bush's initial unruffled (very uncharacteristic) and clearly well-memorized speech, the immediate duplication of rhetoric (exact phrasing) by the talking heads...

Incredible arrogance!

On day two or three a female CNN reporter at the scene was speaking with another in the studio, telling her that the rescue workers were determined, she'd spoken with several and they were full of faith.

"They must be getting tired though", from in-studio.

"No, I talked to them and they're willing to go on as long as it takes", apparently confused by the suggestion, which was again repeated with another denial.

Next we see the pair again, moments later, it seems the word has been received.

"Linda(?), what's the mood down there?"

"Well, hope is fading fast..." Etcetera.

The orchestration is in-your-face despicable.

Stay vigilant.


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