This degree of fear was foreign

Hello David.

Thanks again for your talk in Vancouver back in March, it was simply energizing. .

For what it's worth. When I first started reading your book "The Biggest Secret" I experienced terror like never before. I awoke from a restless slumber at around 2 am in the morning, simply terrified. I don't have nightmares and horror flicks never make me jump so this degree of fear was foreign, like none I had felt since childhood ( I am 27). The room was dark so I could see nothing around me, but an evil was definately there. I found it hard to breath as the fear gripped me so tight. I felt as though I was being punished for reading your book. I know that sounds silly, but this is the feeling I had. I actually stopped reading your book for a while after this occurence.

When packing for a trip to Australia I decide to include your book in my luggage. It was the best thing I could of done as I was able to reconnect with the Truth. The timing couldn't have been better. I was in Byron Bay, Aus. when the W.T.C. was hit.

To say the least my blood ran cold and I knew once and for all that the words in your book were right on the money. One of the first things I did that day, after the news, was check your website for updates, like I do every other day now.

David, I tell all who will listen, about the real history and the hidden agenda's of the modern day Dictators.

I have enormous respect for you. Thanks again for the wake up call. A friend :)


Available in the US/Africa/Australia/ here

The Biggest Secret

Available in the US/Africa/Australia/ here

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