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I just read this article in a magazine that my husband gets called The Rider's Mag. It sure put the wind up me as it brings all you talk about a little closer to home. I think you will find it interesting. They have a website and luckily the article is on there.


This is a special column by Rick Davis

Know Your Rights"

Well, the other shoe has finally dropped. On the morning of September 25, 2002, members of various law enforcement agencies carried out a series of well-orchestrated raids. Their target? Members and associates of the Outlaws motorcycle club.

They smashed their way into clubhouses and private residences throughout the Province and left members and their families reeling in their wake.

Club and personal property was seized and charges were laid under the recently passed legislation that has granted the police sweeping new powers.

Once again the police used their primary puppets, the media, to herald their accomplishments. At news conferences, the police exaggerated, the dangers they faced and the importance of their mission and inflated values of articles seized. All this in an effort to justify their actions and to show the need for and the value of the new powers.

The media of course did not disappoint. They seized on every little detail. Relished every tidbit, every morsel. They gorged themselves. What a great news day! They took everything the police told them, as gospel and then proceeded to further exaggerate, inflate and embellish. Then they just made things up.

The Toronto Sun, for example, ran a photo that described what they claimed showed "stolen motorcycles" being loaded onto a trailer. The truth be known, these were members personal bikes. But why let the truth get in the way of a good story?

Some of the small community newspapers went far beyond that! They resorted to out and out lies! They sensationalized and manufactured stories in an effort to get as much mileage from this whole circus as humanly possible.

The accused, meanwhile were now faced with a justice system that was so slanted against them, a fair trial would seem hopeless. Constitutional, civil and human rights were disregarded or ignored to a degree that is unheard of in what is supposed to be, a free country.

Police defaced and damaged property with total disregard of what was legal or could even remotely be considered as due process. To them this was a new day dawning. They could operate with impunity. They were the Police.

Video court appearances and other irregularities became commonplace and it became obvious that a fair trial is not what the justice system has in mind. The intention here seems quite clear. Convictions at any cost. If they are successful, that cost will be enormous, and it will be borne by all Canadians, everywhere, for years to come. It will be a further erosion of our rights and civil liberties that were fought and died for.

It will be an uphill battle for the lawyers. It will be hard to expect the public to be sympathetic to a bunch of bikers, who, for so long have had such a poor public image. Who for years have been vilified in movies, television, books, magazines, jokes and just about any other way possible. Who for years have just shrugged off the negative image or have enjoyed it, as people would leave them alone.

But then this could not be about bikers at all. Could the whole biker menace thing be a red herring? A diversion? A convenient opportunity to manipulate and control public sentiment into granting police what they really want? More power and control over our lives? The power to make the laws without any input from the public? The creation of a police state? Far fetched? Paranoia? Look back at history. Nazi Germany. Were the Gestapo not police, who had too much power, who became an entity onto themselves? Who made up their own laws as they went?

How did they get so much power? How did they gain such control over their people? How could the citizens not have seen what was happening?

They were lied to and manipulated and the people gave up their rights and liberties a little at a time, all supposedly for the public good, until it was too late!

Sound familiar?

We need these powers to get" them". We won't use them against" you"! That is until "you" become" them", and "you" no longer have the right to determine one from the other.

It could well be that bikers are being used to further hidden agenda's that have little or nothing to do with bikers and what petty crimes that they might or might not have committed. This could just be phase one of the "Master plan".

For arguments sake. The police agencies want more power; they want to be accountable to no one. They have to establish a need, a resident evil that needs to be vanquished, and a menace to society that must be destroyed immediately at all cost.

Enter the bikers. A highly visible, well-known entity that the general public already fears, mistrusts, or dislikes. They know little about them other than what they have seen on television, in movies, or read about in newspapers, magazines and books.

Perfect! A ready-made villain! A Goat! A sacrificial lamb! With a little work they can turn them into a first class adversary, worthy of special weapons and tactics.

The media is only too anxious to oblige, gobbling up any story about bikers that they can get their hands on. Nothing sells better than a good over-exaggerated biker story! It's got it all! Sex, violence, rebellious behaviour! Perfect!

Now any politician (Police chiefs fall into this category) that wants to raise his/her public profile(particularly just before an election) just jumps aboard the anti biker gang bandwagon. Voila! He/she is transformed from a lack-lustre hack, to a fearless champion of the public good! A crusader, who at great personal risk will take up the fight against the evil bikers!

What it all comes down to is that the public is once again being deceived. They are being tricked into thinking that all these extra powers are necessary. They are being told that all bikers are criminals, not just club members but also all bikers. If you know a club member you are a criminal! If you associate with a club member then you are a criminal. We all know that is simply not true! What is criminal is the methods the police and politicians are using.

What is criminal is slandering and persecuting all instead of using the laws that are all ready sufficient to catch and weed out the bad ones, and leave the good ones to flourish and enjoy our lifestyle in peace.

What is criminal is the disregarding of the rights of a Canadian citizen because the police services are just too lazy to do their jobs! Rather than investigate and build a case and prove that an individual or group is indeed guilty of a crime, these lazy, irresponsible bastards would rather take the easy route, make them all criminals, seize their property and make them prove that they are not. This is not how the justice system was intended to work. The whole premise of, innocent until proven guilty should apply to all citizens! You don't pick and choose who does and doesn't qualify. Each police officer is hired to do a job. He/she is just an employee. He/she is there to enforce the laws as set down by society, not make them up or change them as he/she goes along.

He/she does not assume because an arrest has been made and charges have been laid that a guilty verdict will automatically follow. He/she should therefore not damage, deface or improperly handle any seized property and handle said property with care and conscience until the courts have deemed otherwise.

Some police officers think that they are due respect and fully expect to be treated as some kind of hero simply due to the fact that they were hired and wear the uniform. Some think that they are entitled to special treatment simply because they got a job. Some think that by putting on the uniform, that they become an expert on law.

Others know that you earn respect, and that you are judged by what you do, not what you wear, or what your job is. Others take pride in doing a job well and properly because then it is something to be proud of. The easy way isn't always the best way. Others know that not everything is black and white and you act accordingly.

I don't think there are too many cops that would want to be all classified as crooked, donut eating slobs, although I'll bet they know some that fit the bill or whom they suspect would fit the category. To lump them all together would be wrong. Some are good, some are bad, some are questionable'

The same applies with bikers. I have many valued friends in and out of clubs, I have friends and acquaintances in all walks of life, some are good, some are bad, some are questionable. The only one that I am 100% sure of is me.

The long and the short of it is that if the police suspect me of doing a crime, get your evidence, make your case, arrest me, prove me guilty in a court of law, then throw my ass in jail. That is how the justice system is supposed to work. If I'm guilty I'll say that you did your job and I screwed up.

Don't try and say I'm guilty just because I am, or am not a member of a motorcycle club. Don't try and say that all members of that club are criminals, just because some may or may not have criminal records. Judging from media accounts of what some police officers and politicians have been up to, I'd say that the police ought to take a long look at their own.

The authorities have chosen the Outlaws Motorcycle Club as the first target of their latest weapon. Bill C324. This dangerous piece of legislation was passed, by means of fear mongering, brow beating, intimidation and deception on the part of Police Services. They exaggerated and bullied this through all, supposedly in the name of the public good.

The members and associates had their lives disrupted and their constitutional rights violated to a degree unheard of in a free society. They and their families are now faced with huge financial burdens. They have had their personal property seized and/or damaged. It is a traumatic experience for them, their families and friends. Once released on bail they have unreasonable & questionable stipulations placed upon them.

This law is wrong! This law is unnecessary! This law is dangerous! It will impact on our entire society in ways that aren't even apparent to most of us yet. It further erodes the rights and freedoms of all Canadians and permeates to the very fibre of our way of life. It places too much power in the hands of the authorities and leaves it's citizens virtually defenceless.

This will be the first test of this new bill. It will definitely be challenged and fought. It will be a hard and expensive battle, but it must be defeated.

The AOA is the first to fall victim to attack. If this law is not defeated, they will not be the last. You could be next, and you won't even have to belong to a 1%'er club.

I am currently setting up a fund to assist those individuals affected both present and future, and to assist in the fight against this prejudicial and oppressive piece of legislation. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I am creating a logo design specific to this cause. It will be available soon. In the meantime it would be appreciated if you could show your support by flying your Canadian flag upside down. Invert any Canadian flag stickers and emblems. Flying a flag upside down is the international signal of distress and we are in distress.


Contact Rick Davis through the Riders Mag or at A phone number and website will soon be established. Keep reading the Riders Mag for more info.

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