ALERT: Richard Warman of the Green party cracking down on websites that merely mention David Icke's views!

ALERT: Richard Warman of the Green party cracking down on websites that merely mention David Icke's views!

To David Icke and his readers

(For immediate release)


I am writing in reference to David's article relating to Richard Warman of the Ontario Green Party. Quite frankly, when I first saw the article I thought it might be some sort of publicity stunt designed to drum up business (I studied history, political science, and public relations in university, which makes me always suspicious of what one writer has referred to as "pseudo events"); saying something is "banned" generates a lot of interest, but since my webpage is essentially collection of links to interesting stories and articles on the web, including conspiracy material. I included the headline of David's article and about a sentence or two in order to give my visitors an idea of what the article was about. Here is exactly what appeared on my page:

2001/11/15 ENEMY OF FREEDOM SEEKS TO STOP CIRCULATION OF CHILDREN OF THE MATRIX, By David Icke: "For many months, Richard Warman of the Ontario Green Party, has been trying to intimidate bookshops and suppliers in North America to stop selling Children of the Matrix. He is now trying to do the same in the United Kingdom"

You will note that nowhere do I use my own words or express an opinion one way or another (in fact, in order to get to the page in question it is necessary to scroll past my disclaimer which says that the views or ideas expressed in the articles below to not necessarily reflect those of Counter-Propaganda (the name of my website)), I merely provide a brief snippet in order to enable my visitors to determine whether or not they might be interested in the article. On Friday November 23, Shaw Cable, my internet provider in British Columbia, telephoned me and informed me that I was in violation of their user agreement, and that they had received a complaint from Richard Warman demanding I remove the "offending" content from my site, which they were now instructing me to do or face termination of service. This is a stunning violation of free speech; I was merely mentioning something that another person had said, neither agreeing nor disagreeing, and provided a link to the story.

At no point did Mr.Warman attempt to contact me directly; at no point did he express any interest in having a rebuttal posted, which I, being one those people who is extremely interested in free speech and open debate, would have happily provided; I would have provided a link to his rebuttal right under David's story. Behaving like some sort of sniveling weasel, he bypassed me completely and went straight to my ISP. A true friend of free speech and democracy would have written a rebuttal to David's allegations and addressed the issue with intelligence. That would have shown some courage. Obviously Mr.Warman lacks either the skill or the truth necessary to enable him to do so, otherwise he would behave as most academics and politicians do; namely, they ask for equal time to rebut claims; if somebody slanders you, you go after the person who did the slandering, not some third party who is merely mentioning what the alleged "slanderer" has said. Such behavior boggles the mind; perhaps Mr. Warman should consider joining the "Ontario Fascist Party."

I would have fought the issue but it would have meant immediate termination of my webpage, and I possess rather limited time and resources, so it was easier to simply modify the text and consider other alternatives (contacting you is one of those alternatives, since you have an immediate interest in the subject). What is remarkable is that I had absolutely nothing against Mr.Warman -- had never said a foul word about the man -- but had merely placed a clip from a news story from another site (your site) and have been attacked by for doing so. That he would choose to attack me for providing a link to a story written by someone else is utterly astounding and lends credit to David's assertion rather discrediting it.

This very fact proves what a complete moron Warman is; if somebody accuses you of being an enemy of free speech, the smart thing to do, supposing you want to discredit the assertion, is not to go out and start attacking third parties and attempting to silence their right to free speech. Such behavior can only validate your opponent's claims. While I had no real opinion on the matter at the time of posting David's article, I am now convinced that Mr.Warman is indeed an enemy of free speech. That he chose to bypass me completely and go directly to my ISP proves that he is also a coward.

Richard Finnegan,

Counter-Propaganda: Alternative News and Commentary WebSite


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