The Ontario Election

We give you the last results of the Ontario Election to remind people that 'freedom-enemy' Warman has NO support whatsoever from the citizens in Canada. This is the proverbial loser in his own district. To compare -- this website will get more hits in the next half hour than Warman got votes in this election

Obviously, Canadians are not duped by the freedom-denying rhetoric of the likes of Warman.

Election Results from:

Ottawa-Orleans (Ontario)

Reporting Time:
November 28 , 3:33 am

Electoral District : 35025

Number of Polls : 220

Registered voters : 20386

Candidate Party Votes Percent

Eugène Bellemare (e) Liberal 26636 51%

Rita Burke Canadian Alliance 13316 25%

Marc-André Bélair Progressive Conservative 8798 17%

Maureen Prebinski N.D.P. 2154 4%

Richard Warman Green Party 565 1%


Warman even came in last amoung other Green Candidates,
per the Green Party's results page


André Clermont Carleton--Gloucester 543? (1.4%)

Stuart Langstaff Lanark-Carleton 681 (1.3%)

Chris Bradshaw Ottawa Centre 1183? (2.8%)

Richard Briggs Ottawa-Vanier 927? (2.6%)

George Brown Ottawa South 695 (0.8%)

Richard Warman Ottawa West-Nepean 400? (0.9%)

From another election 97?

Candidate             Party                 Votes   %
Rick Chiarelli        Liberal Party         16,419  34.36
Alex Cullen           New Democratic Party   7,701  16.12
Garry GUZZO           Prog Conservative     22,834  47.79
Megan Hnatiw                                   129  00.27
Lester J Newby                                  70  00.15
Anthony C Silvestro                             79  00.17
John C Turmel                                   94  00.20
Richard Warman        Green                    453  00.95

Why would the Green Party, keep the proverbial loser as it's leader and spokesman, when Warman remains the least electable candidate of the Ontario Green candidates, after more than 10 years in the party, and when there is NO public support for his being elected, evidently to anything.


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