Police search for suspects after grisly discovery

Police search for suspects after grisly discovery

TORONTO (CP) - The arms and legs of a small child were found in a garbage bag Tuesday by a woman who was walking her dog.

The unidentified woman told police she saw a couple hiding the bag among some rocks about six metres from the shore of Lake Ontario. Det. Sgt. Mike Davis said when the woman's dog began barking at the couple, they stopped piling rocks on the bag and spoke together in Spanish. After the pet owner told them her dog wouldn't bite, Davis said the man spoke to her in English before leaving.

Later, the woman walking her dog returned and opened the bag containing the remains.

"It's definitely a homicide," said Davis, who was unable to say if the victim was a boy or girl.

"The parts appear to be that of a small child, possibly about age five or six," he said. "We only have the limbs."

The police, who were seeking the couple spotted by the woman Tuesday, said the death likely occurred only a short time before the remains were found.

The remains were "in good shape," and did not seem to be from a malnourished or abused child, Davis explained, adding no clothing was found with the body parts, and there's no indication what was used to dismember the victim.

The sex and age of the child will be known once a pathologist conducts an autopsy.

Police were asking teachers at nursery and elementary schools to notify them of any missing children.

They also sealed off an area around where the parts were found and will use a trained dog Wednesday to search for other parts of the child's body.

(Toronto Star, Toronto Sun)


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