Today, I received a call from my best friend, who lives in the state of Connecticut.

We have been best friends for ten years, and I am closer to him than my real brother. While on the telephone today, he told me the following--- which his son told him last evening. By the way, his son is currently training in the Police Academy near Hartford, Connecticut.

My friend Mike (not his real name) said that his son Barry (not his real name) was told the following story, along with the entire class of Police Academy cadets:

Recently, the Connecticut State Supreme Court issued a gag order on an arrest of a guy who was found to have fifteen marijuana plants growing in his house. Since he lived in close proximity to a local State Park near Hartford, one day during a helicopter fly over, they turned the infrared device on this guys house.

They used the information gleaned from the infrared scan to get a local judge to issue a search warrant. The man was arrested for growing marijuana in his home and garage.

Well, this guy gets a heavy-hitting attorney, and they took it all the way to the State of Connecticut Supreme Court. The judge issued a gag-order ruling that mentioned that it is a violation of his Federally Protected right of privacy, to scan his home in order to get a search warrant.

Case dismissed!

The instructor in the Police Academy told my friend's son that no one would ever hear of this, because the judge sealed the case. The police academy class was told that the judge also called the lawyer to the bench, and the lawyer was told that if he made any of this information public, that he would not be able to practice law in that state ever again.

The name of the client, attorney, and judge are all out of my reach.

Obviously, I do know the Police Academy cadet, who requests his name be kept quiet for obvious reasons.

My friend also says that his son has apparently undergone severe mind conditioning, as his political stance has completely changed just since he entered the academy in June 2002, just six short weeks ago!


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