Mainstream Media Lets
Child Molestor Off Scott Free

Mayor of Waterford
On the Prowl?

The Congressional attack dogs and media drooled, growled, and snapped for MONTHS over Bill Clinton's little fling with Monica Lewinsky, the 22-year-old and oh-so-willing aide. They wanted to string Bill up by his you-know-whats. Now, with Gary Condit, the same group of thugs are not only circling like vultures, they WANT to discover him guilty of murder. Meanwhile, they are playing up his affair with this young woman - who was even older than Monica - like it was the first legislator to ever stray.

Meanwhile, NOWHERE except in local papers in CT will you find any coverage about GOP Mayor of Harford Philip Giordano, who is currently being HELD WITHOUT BAIL for molesting little girls as young as 9 and 11. Doesd this mean the GOP sanctions child molestation, but can't cope with adult affairs?

Dear Dems,

I live in Danbury, CT and I am getting more disgusted by the day at the big news folks, like NBC, CBS, Fox, et al and also the New York Times, and other nationally-read newspapers.

As you at know, the Mayor of Waterbury, Philip Giordano has been picked up for illegal sexual activities involving minors, whom he conspired to take across state lines, where he would molest them. Some of these girls were just grade school age. Everyone I know is totally disgusted and appalled that a man in his position of power, not to mention the fact that he ALMOST made it to the senate (he lost to Leiberman) would prey on children.

We are also totally disgusted by the fact that we keep seeing Condit coverage every night on the news, but no news show is giving any coverage to this crime against children because this man is a Republican. I can tell you, CT isn't going to vote for any Republicans again very damn soon.

J. Billard

Note: On 8/7, all the major networks gave huge coverage to the crime of child pornography and how the feds are rounding up all the creeps. NOT ONE WORD about a politician using his power to prey on children. Are they condoning Giordano's behavior - i.e., it's allright to prey on children if you are A. a politician and B. a Republican ?


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