Children of the Matrix
has put my life in perspective

Dear David & team:

My name is ****** and I live in Miami, Florida. USA for now, I am contacting you because of your book "Children of the Matrix." First I want to thank you for writing it and second I want to congratulate you for having the guts to do so.

David, your book has put my life in perspective, thanks. How? Well it's kind of a long story but to keep it direct & short it would seem that I am a hybrid. The more I read the more "pieces" of my life & experiences I found on your book. I started a voyage of self discovery about 8 months ago in which I uncovered that I have disassociate personality disorder (diagnosed by a professional), I have been abducted by a UFO at least once, my father was a Rosecrucian and a had close ties to the CIA, my mother has always had paranormal abilities, I drink blood, need I go on?

Needless to say I have been very excited to read your book, it means a lot to me to finally understand not only what is really going on with our world but also who I am. For example, and last night I had to go and ask my mother some questions about my birth, and so on. I am a very private person that is to say that not many people know who I am and I keep it that way because most people cannot understand me anyway. Sound like a nutcase? Perhaps, I was feeling a bit like that until I read about some others in your book going through the breaking of the sections "honey comb mind." Anyhow, I told my mother NOTHING about why I was there and offered no explanation except to say that I wanted her to answer my questions without asking my questions as to why. I surely did not want to "pollute" her mind or in any way lead her answers.

Anyhow, I asked and she answered and elaborated on some key points for a while and then I found what I had been looking for, the pivotal point in my life. She said that after I was born & my sister (younger then me) she had this "dream." She said she was at a hotel with my dad, my dad was sleeping and she went to the balcony, while at the balcony she saw a flying machine (not an airplane) approach and finally stop next to the balcony. She said it was round, shinny, very quiet and very large. Next thing she recalls is being inside on a table surrounded by these very tall people (men & women) wearing white uniforms and with white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes, she said they were very tall and looked "German." She was afraid and she said that one of them spoke to her (telepathically) and told her not to be afraid that they needed her to be the "carrier" of a hybrid that would look human but it would be mixed with them, her memory ends there and next thing she recalls is being at the hotel room again.

What is significant here to me is that I know that dreams are sometimes not exactly as you recall them especially when there is trauma involved. Logically if she dreamt this AFTER my sister & I were born then it could not have happened? I figure she recalled the incident as a dream but it did happen before I was born. Another point of interest is that I am wearing a pendant with the HAMMER OF THOR. When I showed it to her and she touched it she began to freak out, she said she felt scared, she felt chills, and she wanted nothing with it. To be safe (and to confirm) I asked her to touch it again, she was scared and when she did she felt the same exact reaction. To me this confirms that she must have seen something like it and she was having a trauma based reaction to it. My sister laughed and told her SHE felt nothing and to try it again, my mother did and again had the same reaction.

David, like I said I wan to thank you for the information that has put certain things in my life in perspective free to contact me anytime. I know that you must be inundated by e-mail's but I feel that we should all work together (as they do) to fight them off and I am available to do so. Right now I am just about finished with your book and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed to find out that I may be a hybrid. I am not afraid, deep inside of me I always knew something was very different. On many occasions I would look at my hands and think to myself, "I know this is not who I truly am." ...


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