Millennium Assembly sparks national protest
by Don Harkins

From The Idaho Observer

Pro-American groups all over the nation are pooling their resources to coordinate three days of protest over the gathering of a “Millennium Assembly” September 6-10, 2000, at UN headquarters in New York City. The assembly is expected to be the largest ever gathering of world leaders under one roof. Leaders from all 188 UN member nations are expected to attend. On the agenda for this historic event is the adoption of a revised version of the UN Charter--the Charter for Global Democracy--which calls for the massive restructuring and strengthening of UN authority worldwide. Millennium Assembly organizers have also announced that the UN will unveil plans intended to expedite the implementation of one-world governance.

Among the items the assembly intends to address is the creation of a global IRS that would tax e-mail communications and international money transfers and place a worldwide tax on energy products. The tax revenue will be used to fund World Trade Organization control of international commerce through World Bank influence over the global economy.

Former Soviet dictator-turned-environmentalist Mikhail Gorbechev of the Green Cross Family is scheduled to open the Peoples’ Millennium Assembly September 4 at the New York Hilton. The Peoples’ Millennium Assembly is scheduled to last until September 10 and will be used as a forum to convince people to appreciate a world bank, participate in a world economy and espouse a world religion. Assembly participants will also be told that it is in the best interests of the world’s peoples that a standing UN army be empowered to enforce international law and that people who violate international law should be prosecuted in the UN International Criminal Court.

The Idaho Observer, The American Media Association, The American Policy Center, The Restoring America Committee and Detroit talk show host Tom Wayne are just a few of the pro-American entities that are coordinating a massive, nationwide protest of the UN agenda for global governance and U.S. involvement in UN activities.

Schedule of protest events:

September 6: National protests will begin all over the nation at high noon local time in front of district offices for members of the U.S. Congress. The purpose of these rallies will be to peacefully demand congressional support for Rep. Ron Paul’s (R-Texas) American Sovereignty Restoration Act, HR 1146, which, if passed, would effectively cease all American participation in UN activities and remove all U.S. funding from the global socialist organization. Wayne is organizing demonstrations scheduled to take place in front of the UN building in New York City beginning September 6.

September 7: There will be a national call-in to the Washington, D.C. capitol switchboard. This will also begin at high noon local time. The purpose of this call-in will be to let everybody on Capitol Hill know that Americans are opposed to trading national sovereignty for global governance. At this time, the toll-free number for the Senate is: 1-800-962-3524; the toll-free number for the House is: 1-800-972- 3524. In the event that those numbers are changed, Capitol Hill can be reached at: 202-224-3121.

September 8: Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center plans to hold a press conference that describes the events of the previous two days and to explain to the American public why, “This is not your father’s UN.” A room on Capitol Hill has already been secured for the press conference. Representatives Paul and Helen Chenoweth-Hage have agreed to speak at the press conference. DeWeese will deliver to Congress 250,000 petitions that support Rep. Paul’s HR 1146 in defiance of the UN’s globalist intentions. Most Americans are oblivious of the truly despotic intentions of the global elite who support global governance through UN “peacekeeping” activities. The press conference will concisely and eloquently inform the American public of our collective peril if we continue to support the creation of one-world government through the UN.

What to do:

For more information contact the following:

Don Harkins, The Idaho Observer/The American Media Association: (208) 255-2307

Tom DeWeese, The American Policy Center: (703) 925-0882

Joe Larson, Committee to Restore the Constitution: (573) 793-3156

Ben Hinkle, Citizens for Liberty: (360) 734-0193

Tom Wayne: (616) 665-7168

If anybody doubts the intentions of the UN and the significance of the Millennium Assembly that is looming less than one month away, contact any of the people listed above—they will be happy to point you in the direction of proof that American sovereignty must be traded for the UN’s despotic intentions to succeed.

You can also call the office of your local U.S. Representative and ask to see a copy of HR 4453. The bill, which is the opposite of Rep. Paul’s proposed Sovereignty Restoration Act, has a lot of support in Congress and promises U.S. support and participation in the creation of a standing UN army that will be given the authority to police “crisis” on U.S. soil.

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