George Bush's Compassionate Conservatism
Rears It's Ugly Head and Crushes Christian Church

George Bush's 'Born Again' Gestapo raids the Indianapolis Baptist Temple. This is compassionate conservatism installed under the new President George Bush. After Clinton's flaring display of "executive pardons" by pardoning an Israeli spy and traitor, why didn't the Born Again Bush pardon this Baptist church?

A new era of Nazism has found favor in the United States, under a family that supported Hitler. There is little, if any, difference of Bush closing a Baptist church, than Hitler raiding and closing churches and synagogs. We live in the FASCIST STATES of AMERICA.

Dr. Dixon and the members of this church have fought a long hard battle against the reptilian forces in control of the United States. All other 'so-called' preachers should not even raise their heads in any pulpit this coming Sunday, but should hang their heads in shame, and continue to lick the boots of their Satanic reptilian masters and controllers.

Ahh yes, the shepherds have muddied the waters for the sheeple to drink from (paraphrase Jeremiah).

Where were the ADL?, the Mormon Priests? the Jehovah Witnesses? the Pentecostals? the Islamic leaders, the Catholic Bishops? TBN? CBN? Standing on the sidelines and watching their reptilian masters crush the competition and the TRUTH? And these same dirty shepherds will want you to give them your money, their Lexus payments are due.

This is the separation of church and state, by Born Again Bush in action. As the state, he separated the church from the people.

If you are silent on this matter, you will get what you deserve for your silence.

Sign a petition for redress of grievance here

True the reptilian Bush's and his compassionate conservative Born Agains will probably ignore you, but perhaps someone in Congress is still human.

There is no justice in the land. There is no truth. It is all lies and smoking mirrors.

From the church"

This is Religious Freedom
American Born Again Bush Style

While we may never agree with this preacher's fundamentalist theory of Christianity, we can support this preacher's and the people's rights, which are being trampled on mercilessly. The U.S. Government and it's bastardized siblings, (IRS for one), have no right to STEAL private property. This church is NOT a 501c-3 chartered church, i.e., permitted by law to operate as a corporate entity with the grantee being the Federal goverment.

Attempting to enforce unconstitutional tax laws, based on constitutional amendments that never existed, is a CRIME of every Judge, Congressman/woman, every President and every U.S. Treasurer, which allows these attrocities to continue. These are acts of TREASON against the people of Indiana and the U.S. Constitution, before it's being adulterated by the most evil of men and women (or probably reptilian).

Little known fact -- Indiana, along with several other midwest states, had planned on secession from the U.S. circa 1863, when the U.S. Military marched into those territories and instituted martial law, to keep the people from being given the chance to vote. The same happened in Maryland, whose people and leaders also voted to secede from the reptilian controlled federal government of the United States, for instituting and enforcing fraudulent tax laws, the primary reason for the war against the people of the lands of America by the UNITED STATES, Inc. - 1861-2000 - a war that has never ended.

Will YOUR synagog, mosque, temple, church be next?

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