United States v Indianapolis Baptist Temple

United States v Indianapolis Baptist Temple: IRS Update

November 8, 2000

On November 7, Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens denied a motion to stay Judge Sarah Evans Barker's order for the Indianapolis Baptist Temple to vacate their property at 2711 South East Street and the church parsonage at 339 W. Cragmont Drive by noon November 14. Judge Barker had given the order on September 28 to satisfy more than $6 million in alleged uncollected and unpaid payroll taxes on those who ministered at the church from 1987-'93. The church had appealed to Justice Stevens who has oversight of the 7th Circuit. The church had asked to remain in their facilities which includes a 2,000 seat sanctuary, educational buildings which can accommodate 1,000 students, four parsonages, and 22 acres of land. The Baptist Temple, which adheres to a literal interpretation of the Bible, celebrated its 50th anniversary this past June. It is not affiliated with any Baptist denomination and also stands for the total separation of the church from the state.

This decision of Justice Stevens is quite strange in that the church will suffer irreparable harm and yet the government will suffer no harm while the church presents a motion for Certiorari which is to be filed with the Supreme Court November 9. This is especially grievous considering that Microsoft received a stay pending appeal. Also the entire alleged tax liability less the penalty and interest would only be approximately $200,000. Apparently the government is not strapped for money at this time since the IRS has forgiven many corporations millions in taxes over the past few months. Also, President Clinton has just forgiven several third-world nations billions of dollars this past week. And yet a church and school ministry is to be destroyed without the most basic of rights, DUE PROCESS!

With this decision, it is obvious that there is no place for an uncontrolled church in the United States today. We have now come full circle from where Baptist preachers were beaten, jailed, and killed prior to the establishment of the First Amendment. The Internal Revenue Service will now control all of the churches in the US including the sermons that will be preached from the pulpits. There must be no opposition as our nation is merged into the New World Order.

The church is now ready to accept this decision with the full understanding of the words of the Apostle Peter, "For the time is come that judgement must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?" And yet the Church Triumphant takes its place among those persecuted brethren of the ages past who..."took joyfully the spoiling of their goods, knowing in themselves that they have in heaven a better and an enduring substance." The Baptist Temple will continue worshipping and meeting the needs of the city of Indianapolis with the full assurance that the words of the Lord Jesus Christ are still true: "...upon this rock (Christ Himself) I will build my church; and the gates (government) will not prevail against it."

The pastors and congregation invite all to attend a prayer service on Tuesday, Nov. 14, at 11 AM.


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While we may never agree with this preacher's fundamentalist theory of Christianity, we can support this preacher's and the people's rights, which are being trampled on mercilessly. The U.S. Government and it's bastardized siblings, (IRS for one), have no right to STEAL private property. This church is NOT a 501c-3 chartered church, i.e., permitted by law to operate as a corporate entity with the grantee being the Federal goverment.

Attempting to enforce unconstitutional tax laws, based on constitutional amendments that never existed, is a CRIME of every Judge, Congressman/woman, every President and every U.S. Treasurer, which allows these attrocities to continue. These are acts of TREASON against the people of Indiana and the U.S. Constitution, before it's being adulterated by the most evil of men and women (or probably reptilian).

Little known fact -- Indiana, along with several other midwest states, had planned on secession from the U.S. circa 1863, when the U.S. Military marched into those territories and instituted martial law, to keep the people from being given the chance to vote. The same happened in Maryland, whose people and leaders also voted to secede from the reptilian controlled federal government of the United States, for instituting and enforcing fraudulent tax laws, the primary reason for the war against the people of the lands of America by the UNITED STATES, Inc. - 1861-2000 - a war that has never ended.

Will YOUR synagog, mosque, temple, church be next?

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