There's this boy who's been harassed and tortured all his life until he was at the brink of insanity and sanity. His entire life has been one test after another: testing his patience, his sanity, emotions and morals. Without rest there was always someone on his back, teachers, principals but most of all the other students. I could go on talking about their hatred for him for no specific reason other than they wanted to. His teachers cheated him, tricked him and despised him, and why not, they had their pets.

Teachers always have their pets and their toys. No matter how much they preached about not having any. The toys are good for playing with then discarding, the pets you pampered looking mostly at their good points and getting attached. The principals well they didn't plain just like him. But it's the students I think that did it; yeah definitely, it was the students that warped him.

No matter how hard he tried there was always something wrong with him in their minds. He tried and tried he really did. He wanted to be just like them at first, well up until Grade 7 that is. Then he came to terms with his life and realized that he didn't fit in. In grade 9 he began to like being different, being an outcast, he liked the dumb comments, because by then they weren't at him but rather someone on the outside.

Somehow during all this he had slowly and steadily retreated from the world, putting up barriers and shields, so many in fact that he saw past the fabric of life saw all the little holes and tears, the gimmicks and faults. He discovered what life is: pain. When you live, something else is in pain. When you eat, something had to go through pain to be there for you to eat, even base feeling is little shocks being shot up the nerves. Every action, thought and creation is borne on pain.

Any ways, one day he went to class in a bad mood, he had been pushed really hard that day. This was supposedly his favourite class, but it was one of the hardest on him, his projects were all considered pieces of crap, his classmates of course loved him as always. Apparently this class had been set-up that day. Oh what fun they had that day, poking and prodding and pushing and pulling. And of course who said "Boo", no one, that's who. I supposed they had no clue what he was thinking about because I'm sure to if they did they would have backed off really, really quickly.

The next day he came to school he was super happy, bouncing along in a hyper/jovial mood, he laughed at the stupid jokes, pretending not knowing they were insults. He was buddy-buddy with the teachers. Oh just the best of moods. I guess that no one knew he had woken up at 5:00 the morning and had jimmied the lock to one of the back doors. In addition, in his bag he was carrying 13 packages of C-4 and a detonator. I guess he had fun stashing them under the garbage bags in the pails, 4 packages under six tables in the cafeteria, mostly in high-traffic areas. Apparently, he kept one strapped to his chest just in case the others were found. Luckily for him none were found.

Everyone blissfully that their lives were in very imminent danger. He went happily along, waiting for the right moment. He decided to detonate at 12:12 p.m. exactly. Everyone would be having lunch and having fun.

written by a 12 year old boy

(1) A Teen's 'Twisted' Cry For Help

Fictional story about avenging the bullies who tormented him, lands 16-year-old in jail

Aaron Sands
The Ottawa Citizen

It was a creative writing assignment for his favourite class, to be read aloud as a dramatic monologue.

It became a tormented 15-year-old boy's way of pleading with the bullies to stop the cruelty.

His story resulted in the police storming his family's home in this village east of Ottawa, arresting him, strip-searching him and locking him away in a youth detention centre.

The boy, who cannot be identified under provisions of the Young Offenders Act, is charged with uttering death threats-the threat of an unnamed character to bomb an unnamed school in a fictional story…

He remains in custody today, a month later, because of his work of fiction. He spent his 16th birthday, Christmas and New Year's alone and in jail.

The short story, obtained by the Citizen, reveals the violent thoughts of a tormented youth lashing out with words against the bullies and teachers who drove him "to the brink of insanity."

He called his story "Twisted."…

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CSI's COMMENT: It will make you mad - not with the boy, but with all the "twisted" people involved.

What has happened to that family, before and after the story was read in school, is just abhorrent. Guess where the boy author and his 14 year old brother, who is in special needs classes, spent Christmas and New Years. It's "PC" all right-Positively Cold-bloodied! [reptilian trait?]

(2) Massachusetts Justices Agree That

Boy's Drawing Was A Threat

By Martin Finucane AP

A boy's drawing that depicts him pointing a gun at a kneeling, praying teacher was not just a doodle - it constituted a punishable threat, the state's highest court has ruled.

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court rejected arguments on Friday from the boy's lawyers that the drawing was a protected expression under the First Amendment, noting that the Constitution "does not protect conduct that threatens another."

The court also said the teacher's fears that the Worcester boy could carry out the threat were "quite reasonable and justifiable," given recent episodes of school violence across the nation.

The incident happened two years ago when the boy, who was not identified by the court, was 12. A Juvenile Court judge found the boy delinquent by reason of making a threat and he was sentenced in May 1999 to more than five years of probation.

The boy's lawyers had argued that a picture cannot be considered a threat. And student rights advocates said the school had overreacted in the wake of highly publicized shootings elsewhere.

The boy was sitting in the hallway outside his class when he first drew himself shooting his teacher. After another teacher confiscated that drawing, he made a second drawing of himself pointing a gun at his teacher - and the teacher apparently begging for mercy. Then he entered her classroom and held up his drawing, saying, "Do you want this one, too?"

The court examined both drawings, but the boy was ruled delinquent on the second drawing because he had presented it to his teacher.

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CSI's COMMENT: I am not finding it easy to comment on these two articles today. Being a young person today must be so very difficult. There are so many paranoid adults that seem to think the very worst of them; who don't understand them; and who do very little to help.

All of the situations that our children have to contend with today would have been unthinkable when I was in school. I can't even imagine what it must be like for most of them. The approach to our children today, on the most part, is opposite to what would really work. How can they possibly have any respect for adults in authority these days? If they are rebellious and paranoid, they have good reason to be so: they have good teachers and role models.

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