by David Icke

A terracotta head found at a burial site in the Toluca Valley, 40 miles from Mexico City, was made by a Roman craftsman around 200 AD, the New Scientist magazine reports.

The bearded head is just two inches tall and said to be unlike any other works of art found in Mexico before the arrival of the Spanish. Apparently a dating technique called thermoluminescence (my spell-checker is now seeing a therapist) has dated the head to around 1,800 years ago. Other independent art experts have confirmed that it is Roman.

The head was removed from the burial site in 1933 and the site has been dated to before 1510. David Kelley, an archaeologist at the University of Calgary in Canada, said the head had been excavated by professionals and had been sealed under three floors. "It is as near to archaeological certainty as you can get.

The head was in a Mexico museum until it was found (appropriately) by Dr. Roman Hristov of the Southern Methodist University in Dallas. It was Dr. Hristov who instigated and supervised the dating tests. He believes that this proves that contact took place between Europe and America before Columbus, who left on his journey to the Americas in 1492.

More accurately, if what is claimed about the head is true, he might have said it ADDS to the evidence of such contact because Phoenician artifacts have been found in Brazil and New England, and Egyptian/Oriental artifacts have been found in the Grand Canyon in Arizona. These contacts would have been made thousands years before any Roman arrivals.

Anthropologist Betty Meggers of the National Museum of National History in Washington D.C., said: " I see no reason why ancient contact is not possible." She added that ancient pottery from Equador and Japan had identical features, despite the distance between those lands.

The re-writing of official history continues apace.

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