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Hi there,

Just a few notes on new happenings here in Mexico. First of all I am going to send you a video scan next week of the most highly circulating bill in Mexico which is the 20 peso bill. Curiously enough it has the famous illuminati symbol on the back of the bill, the woman with the crown and the torch held over her head. I couldn't believe it when I first saw it. Sometimes it amazes me how obvious they are.

And speaking of obviousness, and this one COMPLETELY blew me away, the largest TV station in Mexico, Televisa Mexico, (illuminati owned of course), is coming out with a follow up on their big money making reality show BIG BROTHER. On the original BIG BROTHER they advertised the show as the symbol of an eye with a camera lens as it's pupil. The all seeing eye of the illuminati, or so they would like.

But now, and get this, the new show, BIG BROTHER 2, is using the same kind of advertising only with a kicker. When the commercial comes on all you see is a huge human eye in the middle of the screen looking around and side to side. The background and the eye are all red tones. After this eye looks around a bit the retina and the pupil start to fade and to change and in one quick look to the left it changes into a gold reptilian eye!!!! The reptilian eye stares at the public for a second or two and the commercial finishes with a big "BB2 Coming Soon". Now what does a reptilian eye have to do with the program? Absolutely NOTHING!!! It is obviously just a way to show who is behind it.

If you don't know what BIG BROTHER is all about it is simply a reality show where the producers put twelve strangers together, carefully selected for their differences in opinion, culture and sexual preferences, and lock all of them up together in a house for 120 days with cameras everywhere recording their every moment, (even their bowel movements). Every week the participants go into a "private" voting booth and vote for one of their roomates to leave the house. The participant with the most votes loses and must abandon the show. This voting procedure causes all kinds of conflict, anger and tension in the house. The last person to leave the house wins a large sum of money, a car, TV contracts, so on so forth. In other words, this show is about control, conflict, and more control. Right up the illuminati`s alley. And it is simply amazing the amount of people that sign up to be chosen to be a part of the show.

Anyways, I hope this information helps you all be aware of the illuminati`s movements here in Mexico. It would be great if David could come down here and open up a few eyes on what`s going on in the world because it seems that all these people here in Mexico are asleep. Take care and keep up the good work.

Your contact in Mexico,

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