Mexico and Chile blocked USA/Spanish
proposal to support April 2002 coup

In further revelations following an admission from Spain's Foreign Minister that former Spanish President Jose Maria Aznar knew about and actively supported the coup attempt against President Chavez Frias in April, 2002, former Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge Castaneda says Mexico and Chile stopped an agreement formulated by the USA and Spain to recognize and support the coup.

President Hugo Chavez Frias

The pressure of both countries on delegates attending a Rio Group meeting won the day and the decision was adopted to issue a declaration supporting constitutional order in Venezuela ... "once Chavez Frias was re-established, a lot of people understood that we were right."

Castaneda reveals that there were two proposals aimed at pre-empting Chavez Frias' return to power. The first was forwarded by USA and Spain (which did not attend the meeting) and the second by Colombian President Andres Pastrana and pushed by El Salvador President Francisco Flores.

El Salvador is currently considering a petition for political asylum lodged by (Caracas) Metropolitan Police (PM) chiefs, Lazaro Forero and Henry Vivas under investigation for their role in the April 11 2002 killings of pro-government and opposition protesters, prior to the coup attempt against President Chavez Frias.

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