I have received threats
so I may not be around much longer

Laurence & Jocelyn Savage , Jeff Rense , David Icke ,

I've konwn Terry for years I'll back up his claims. I have as well uncovered High priced Defence Atty's, PI's, Judges, Police, etc. , involved in child abuse & International child porno rings. These children are marketed in medical treatment detentions, hospitals & Protective services are masking the problem for a pay check. The experimentation continues. Can you post any or all of these contents ?

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Terry Fesler/Federal Complaint
10-11-02 Federal Complaint

I used to manage a law office for a Michigan attorney who specialized in child abuse cases and eventually quit, for several reasons.

Last week I filed a request for a federal grand jury to investigate the evidence I have gathered over the past years with regards to as many other cases I find convincing there is plenty to investigate.

Perhaps one of the "eye catching" issues of this request is that I am positive that I have sufficient proof that Michigan Governor John Engler bribed a prosecutor not to prosecute friends of his, or friends of friends of his [however that really works out] who were turned in by their baby sitter for doing the very things I have found has been happening to other children as well.

I have received threats so I may not be around much longer. I am also scheduled to go to court November 4, 2002, for child support arrears [which have been in arrears for quite some time, but it may be too convenient to put me in jail now for it].

Everything thing I have placed in this complaint, and other cases I have not, are on a CD ROM disk and has been distributed so that trusted people will have copies of my proof and where to find the originals.

In the meantime I also posted an open letter to president Bush on the Internet. There are links to cases and news issues on the Internet version of this letter I could not place in the letter sent to Bush.

If there is anyone here who would be willing to copy this open letter, [choose "save as" and save the entire html page] or link to it, but hopefully copy it just in case my web site gets shut down and possibly be willing to upload it elsewhere in that event I would appreciate it.

I have also sent this letter out to as many elected people as I can.

Dear Senator ,

I have uploaded an open letter to President Bush and Attorney General John Ashcroft onto the Internet.



Prior to uploading this open letter I made a formal written request with the Department of Justice to investigate the issues I present in the open letter in further hopes that a federal grand jury will also be permitted to review the evidence I have.

In this post are quotes from two US court decisions [full decisions are available online] that contain dicta which explains quite thoroughly the rights of police, prosecutors, and expert witnesses to lie and fabricate evidence against the accused.

I used to manage a law office which means I have seen quite a bit of public corruption that more often than not does not get properly investigated. I am not naive to the fact tat child welfare issues seem to be a "sacred cow" and many federal legislators quite often defer considering these issues on the grounds that these are state issues and not federal issues which is incorrect. Federal law and federal funding affect these programs as well as encourage the failures at effective oversight.

I am asking that the Senate hearings and investigations chaired by Senator Frank Church be considered in the context of this open letter.

This nation's child welfare laws specifically provide for confidentiality and secrecy that unfortunately provides ampleopportunities for corrupt child welfare workers, counselors, and other individuals involved with child welfare agencies to have very little to fear that what they are really doing to children will be discovered, or investigated.

Perhaps more important, and based on my personal experiences, there seems to be the "sacred cow" issues once again in that asking for congressional hearings, review, or effective oversight legislation is like asking to have the elected volunteer to have teeth removed without the benefit of Novocain.

In the past if I would have listened to anyone attempt to tell me that these agencies and courts are rampant with fraud, corruption and official misconduct I would have thought these people to be crazy, disgruntled, misinformed or just plain nuts.

I also suspect that any elected legislator who does take a stance of these issues and acknowledge that there is a need to investigate this fraud, corruption, official misconduct and negligence in the child welfare system would be committing "political suicide."

Based on my personal experiences, fraud, corruption, official misconduct and negligence in the child welfare system is not a popular subject with the elected or there would have been much more recognition of the problem and the issues by now. I can only hope that your awareness and interest of these issues will make a difference and that children's rights will someday cease to be mere rhetoric and politics as usual. There is a long overdue need to review what child welfare is systematically subjecting children to.

To be perfectly honest.

Imagine an alarm bell outside the school and you are standing near it when it goes off and starts to ring.

After the bell starts ringing you decide to climb a ladder and disconnect the wires that lead to the alarm bell so that it stops ringing. Now that the alarm is quiet you are satisfied that the "problem" has been taken care of.

If this was not an analogy but a real situation and you were outside the school when the alarm bell went off you would not do such a thing as it would be negligent to do so. The alarm is there for a reason and you know it. You would not cut the wires to turn of the alarm and tell the children that it is now safe to go back inside and everything is OK now that the alarm has stopped ringing.

One of the issues I have raised with my request for investigation is in paragraph 26 of the complaint.

26. Upon information and belief, and based on personal knowledge to an extent, certain public officials employed by child welfare agencies who receive state and federal funds, have developed a specific system of exposing children to certain techniques, including but not limited to subjecting children within their custody and control to:

a) programs of sleep deprivation to modify behavior and resistance;

b) modified diets to modify behavior;

c) the repetitious playing of recordings, especially with younger children, in order to reinforce in these children a tendency to repeat things that would be considered excited utterance, or valid interpretations of abuse by other "experts" who may hear these and subsequently report what they allege the child has stated during interview, therapy, or counseling;

d) the cooperation of certain therapists, counselors, or psychologists, to provide counseling, therapy and behavior modification techniques in order to create or produce conditions, circumstances, or specific behaviors in children to justify providing further services and/or creating conditions in these children to justify the court taking jurisdiction of these children through petitions filed by the prosecutor's office or children's protective services.

I have come to view the attitude of some bureaucrats to be like this: They will allow a child to be taken to a set of railroad tracks then bind the child's legs and arms and then secure the child to the railroad tracks so that the child in not capable of removing these binds.

These same people will prevent anyone else from trying to help the child and when the train comes along and kills the child, these same people will insist that they did not kill the child, the train did!

I have already received threats to my personal safety for doing this and I am hoping that you will seriously consider a need to review what this country has permitted to evolve in the name of child welfare.

Three Rivers, Michigan

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