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Is late-night fright-talker Art Bell about to get the gong? The host of the nationally syndicated "Coast to Coast" and "Dreamland" shows, heard here nightly on KTKY-FM/106.1, has been absent so often lately that listeners are starting to wonder if he's been spirited away by one of his oft-sighted UFOs.

Bell is live only three out of seven nights now, with "Best of Art Bell" reruns airing on Mondays and Fridays. Saturday's show is usually helmed by fill-in Hilly Rose. Sundays are now permanently handled by UFO-logist Whitley Strieber.

When he is behind the mike, the topics are weirder than ever. This week's, as listed on the Web site, are "Rodney captures a spirit named Everett" and "The Story of Mel's Hole."

The Premiere Radio Network, which syndicates Bell's show to some 400 stations, hasn't made any announcements about his future, but they could be looking at finding a new show with a host who's live, not Memorex.

Premiere Radio Networks is the third largest radio network in the United States with over $130 million in annual billings. Premiere is based in Los Angeles, CA, has additional offices in New York, Chicago and satellite offices in Philadelphia, Raleigh, Detroit, Dallas, Medford, Oregon and Scottsdale, Arizona. Premiere is a leading creator, producer and distributor of innovative comedy, prep material, entertainment and music related radio programs and services. The affiliates who contract to broadcast a particular program or service collectively constitute Premiere's "radio networks."

A partial listing of Premiere/Jacor's nationally renowned programs and services include: The Dr. Laura Program, The Rush Limbaugh Show, The Dr. Dean Edell Show, The Michael Reagan Show, Entertainment Tonight on the Radio With Leeza Gibbons, Coast To Coast With Art Bell, The Top 25 Countdown With Leeza Gibbons, After Midnite With Blair Garner, The Jim Rome Show, Premiere Prep Services, Olympia Prep Services, Cutler Prep Services and Mediabase 24/7.


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