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June 6, 2001


Former radio talk show host, Anthony Hilder and Ted Gunderson, former FBI Special Agent-in-Charge are filing Criminal Charges for Attempted Vehicular Manslaughter and Assault against John Doe, an individual who apparently has clearance into the Groom Lake Test Facility, commonly known as "Area 51" located in the 3,000,000 plus acre Nellis Test Range in Nevada that is now maintained by the United States Air Force.   These charges may include the names of additional John Does "who may have ordered, allowed or influenced Mr. Doe to perform this criminal act", according to Hilder, co-organizer of the People's Rally.

According to eye-witnesses to the incident, Mr. Doe drove a newer Ford pick-up at speeds in excess of the lawful limit on Sunday morning, June 3, 2001 at approximately 7:15 a.m.   into a crowd of peaceful protesters who had gathered on Public Land just outside of the East entrance of Area 51 (the Groom Lake facility) to protest "global governance"and to address unresolved issues surrounding the facility.   Hilder stated that the worker "did it knowingly with malicious aforethought".

Mr. Doe, a Caucasian middle-aged male, was driving down to the Groom Lake facility when he spotted the People's Rally group being interviewed by Tom Quinn (Burrud Productions) for the Discovery Channel TV in the road ahead.  Standing with the group was Bill Wagers, a district Ranger for the U.S. Dept of the Interior for the Bureau of Land Management.   Officer Wagers was in full and recognizable uniform, according to eye-witnesses.

Witnesses further stated that Mr. Doe, a U.S. government employee then "gunned-up" his pick-up truck and headed toward the crowd at full speed.   It was then that the "Area 51" worker accelerated once again as Officer Bill Wagers, Anthony Hilder, Ted Gunderson ,Tom Quinn, the Discovery Channel TV crew, Nichole Hatch, Ron Brack and others from the Victor Camacho crowd who had gathered for the Rally, "eye-witnessed" what was described as a vehicular attack by John Doe, as they literally jumped for their lives. "It was a miracle that no one was killed or injured", said Hilder.

Gunderson,  former FBI Special Agent-in-Charge (for L.A., Dallas and Memphis) who witnessed the event, stated: "I heard the loud roar of an engine and looked in the direction of the curve in the road.  A white pick-up truck was coming around the curve toward the entrance at a high rate of speed, probably 50 to 60 miles an hour.  He never applied his brakes and drove past the crowd and into the entrance.  Others in the road heard and saw the truck as they scattered from the road.  The truck missed BLM Ranger, Bill Wagers by a foot and it missed me by approximately three feet.  Nicole Hatch dropped her video camera and ran for the edge of the road. Fortunately no one was hurt".

Hilder also stated that "as evidence to this attempted vehicular manslaughter,  film footage from the Discovery Channel plus the Ron Brach video footage and several other videos and pictures will be available to validate the attack on the peaceful protesters."

Additionally they intend to Subpoena the government's "Area 51" surveillance cameras' video footage which may have been turned on and may have recorded the entire event.  They will also be requesting the Nellis Test Range audio transcriptions made by the base's security officers that were in "off-road-vehicles" observing the Rally.  "John Doe then ducked in behind the hill, which hides the guard shack from Public view about 400 yards ahead", concluded Hilder.

BLM Ranger, Bill Wagers,  was able to take down part of the license plate.  The license plate number from the video footage of John Doe's pick-up truck may also be identified from the footage.   Additional criminal charges from Norio Hayakawa, Victor Camacho and other individuals with the People's Rally are expected to be filed via the Lincoln County Sheriff Department and the District Attorney Philip Dunleavy.

cc submitted to:

Sheriff Dahl Bradfield, Lincoln County Nevada
Philip Dunleavy, Lincoln County District Attorney
Tom Quinn, Discovery Channel
Tim King, Fox News, TV-5 Las Vegas
Keith Rogers, Las Vegas Review Journal
Commander Bill Percival, Nellis Air Force Base

from Norio Hayakawa

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