Tomb of God is a Red Herring

Dave Schellenberger's book Tomb of God is a red herring. The body of Jesus is NOT the the hidden treasure. What is indicated in Poussin's paintings in angular work was the angle of certain stars in the Con-stellation of Draco. The graal (bloodline) alluded to is our little lizard buddies' bloodline.

The slip-up is that if anyone bothers to read 'Tomb', and also "Biggest Secret' an entire dimension (no pun) opens up.

My best guess as to what IS hidden under Mt. Cardou is probably the most damning (if you're a lizard) evidence that the whole deal is true.

Sidebar: a former associate of mine worked at Ft. Knox. Told me the Gold Reserve is/was a fiction. There's so much red herring about, that the place is starting to smell like oyster bay at low tide.

By the bye...several co-workers of mine are now fully into the game, and are pulling info in at high rates. It appears your expose is now moving the tempo up a notch. George's little lizard boy seems intent on pushing our nation into conflict.

Another piece of interest: Popular Science recently ran afeature on the ability of the US Government's ability to spy on its own citizens through satellite systems such as "Tempest."

On one of the major thoroughfares around these parts, the New Jersey Turnpike. I've obseved changes in the logo formatting of major corporations. P&O (Payseur and Orange) have become Ned Lloyd, and many are shifting color schemes to represent the "deal".

Green/White is the most popular, apparently representing lizard command, along with blue, which is the traditional color of initiation, and probably represents humans who've sold out. Lots of pyramids, double squares, diamonds, couple of lizards, alligators (one 'gator was observed on a LeRoi Trucking tractor trailer--the alligator king?).

The African American community I have had contact with, when they have heard how the US Government funds both the Klan and Louie Farrakhan, are not only NOT surprised, they are taking active steps to NOT hate whites. Whites are beginning to do the same thing.

New Jersey is HOT with anti-lizard sympathy. Hope you'll tour here. Would be interesting.

Long live the human race
The Squidder

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