I am a whistle-blower on this facility at Los Alamos, New Mexico. I worked on this project in 97 after being dispatched through my union (Carpenters local 1353 Santa Fe, N.M ). What I saw was an outrage .

First I was lied to about the nature of the project, then I found out it was a Nuclear testing facility. The contractor Foley Co, cut corners in the Structure in order to save $$$$$$$$!. I felt it was my duty to report this to the authorities, which I did. BIG MISTAKE!!. This faciltiy is a copy of the FAILED project in France. My Goverment wishes to keep this swept under the rug & IGNORES my complaint.

In fact I was punished & the contractor was rewarded with several new contracts. Can you help me bring this to the public ? They plan on DETONATING 2 MEGA TONS of Plutonum in a building that will not with stand that kind of a BLAST!. I have moved to four states now trying to keep my head above water & STOP the plan for testing .

We as tax payers have dumped an additional 122 million into this project . I have been to court , written to every politician I can think of with no response. Have any suggestions ? I could sure use some HELP!!.

Thank You,

Rhonda McNeal

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