They know
it's all under control

Mr. Icke:

Personally, I think you are somewhat of a whacko, but I like to think I have an open enough mind to see when "reality" does not match up with "the truth."

Anyway, my son is in NYC and here's some stuff about the WTC that you can use to support your theory on the whole mess (loved the Web site piece, especially the part about "it's a wonder they didn't turn up a good luck postcard from bin Laden").

I have been watching TV for a week, and I want to know this: where are all the dead people? I am starting to think they all got out through the PATH subway tunnel to New Jersey (easy enough to pull off) and they aren't really "missing," just hiding.

Support? Only a couple hundred bodies and body parts have turned up out of the supposedly 6,000 or so "missing." And most of these are police and fire, as you might expect. Where is everybody else???

Consider these factoids (I wish I had the details at my fingertips...):

1) In TIME magazine, they quote a guy who says "they must have known something was coming. We had practice evacuations almost every day for a week..." Hmmm.

2) Look at the pictures of the people in the stairwells as the firefighters go up. Do they look particularly worried that they might soon be dead? I've seen more pushing and shoving after a sports event. They know it's all under control.

3) But the best one, and the reason I'm writing, is the FEMA head guy they had on CNN this morning. He's showing photos and giving an interview. This is my memory of some of the questions that got me thinking:

Q. You went down to the parking garage?

A. Yeah, there were only about 10 cars there. The batteries were dead, but they all had their lights on and the ignition keys were on. All of the driver's side windows were smashed.

Excuse me? 10 cars? I've been there: the garage is huge. Where did the cars go? Did everyone think "oops! the planes hit. Guess I'll just go down to my BMW and drive away..." But if the building was empty, this explains a lot.

Q. Did you find any piles of bodies?

A. No. We didn't see any bodies at all anywhere.

Huh? Maybe the "missing" are people who a) were already dead and they paid the relatives to act frantic or b) they paid the people directly to bolt and go into hiding.

Walter Goralski

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