US Philosophy Doctoral Student
Wants To Become A Reptile

I don't know if you were listening to Paul Harvey today 12/17/99, but I was driving down the road when I heard him speak of a man named, "Erik Sprague."

He said this man had an operation to look like a reptilian.

He said his face and body was given all the reptilian features as well as scales. I do not recall where this was, but I found it ironic. Is this a person who has decided to come out in the open to appear as a reptile or is he a reptile that is using the operation as an excuse for the elaborate change. I thought I would pass it on to you . I found it interesting.

John V Panella
AN AMBASSADOR for LIGHT and the Council for TRUTH

contributed by Ken Humphries

ALBANY, N.Y. (Reuters) - Philosophy doctorate student Erik Sprague wants to explore the meaning of life -- as a reptile.

Sprague has had his teeth sharpened, bumps implanted into his forehead and green scales or swirls tattooed across his face and body in his quest to become a reptile.

"I like reptiles, especially sea crocodiles, although many of them don't make great house pets," said Sprague, 27, who is taking a break from his studies in the State University of New York in Albany to appear in circus shows, like the Jim Rose Circus.

Sprague claims he is one of five people in the world who have undergone what he calls "single-theme conversions" and appear in circus side shows. The others have appeared as a zebra, tiger, leopard and a gigantic blue puzzle known as "The Enigma." He is the first to choose a reptile.

He does not consider himself odd, he says, because many people tattoo themselves.

Sprague counts sword-swallowing, fire-breathing, tapping nails into his nose and piercing needles into his cheeks among his other talents. He also picks up bar stools with ropes attached to his ears and swings them around. Another of his tricks is to lift car batteries with chains attached to his nipples.

He is scheduled to appear next month on Turner Broadcasting System cable channel's new "Ripley's Believe it or Not."

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