The Cincinnati Riots

It is 'Good' Friday and I'm sitting here, as I write, watching CNN (the movie channel) and a Police officer talking in a press conference about the Cincinati riots. His name is Keith Fangman and he presented himself as a representative of the Cincinatti Police and is trying to relate to the public the police officers' side of the story regarding the debate over previous deaths of blacks by the police. He is flanked by 20 - 30 other overweight white officers and is saying, quote,

Now, this in itself (as revealing as it is) is not what I'm writing about - anyone with their head screwed on can see past the spin and know there are deeper darker forces at work here to promote a certain 'problem' that will cause a certain 'reaction' so that 'they' can produce the 'solution'.........what I am writing about is this - when officer Fangman introduced himself he said -

Excuse me but "FRATERNAL ORDER" of police!!!? How obvious do they want to make this? I don't think I need to elaborate on the implications or meaning of this to you or your well-informed readers. Keep up the good work David. I've been quietly watching your progress for a long time and I am one of many kindred spirits who are helping your cause in our own individual ways.

Love and light (keep it golden)

Webmaster note:
Unconfirmed reports are stating that the MJTF police have been involved in the Cincinnati riots.

Aren't the KKK also a Fraternal Order? as are the Skull & Bones? as are the Masons?

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