Klamath Falls: A Call to Arms
By J.J. Johnson


Ladies and Gentlemen:

We are at War.

Even though this war is not being fought with bullets, there are casualties, and there will be more. The logistical operation being set in motion at this time will follows the rules of any battlefield condition. This is a test, America. Our results from this phase of the battle in Klamath Falls may determine the future destiny for the Western Lands of North America, and its people.

The mission is clear: To provide logistical support for over 1400 encampments in a place called Klamath. There, thousands of our compatriots, battle-tested, have been involved in a struggle for their lives since April 6, 2001. They are the ones in the trenches (irrigation canals) Our goal is theirs: to resume the regular flow of irrigation water and bring life back to these farms - in the face of an enemy at the gates. Let the Convoy Roll...

There are convoys preparing from several states in the West. Our test will be to see if we can re-supply these 'troops' for the autumn and winter campaigns against this enemy. If we are successful, our brethren on the battlefield will not be forced to abandon their camps. We are doing this not just to bring attention to the situation, but to feed, clothe and defend those who have led the fight, and have suffered greatly because of it.

Let it be known that we did not start this war but, having no choice but to wage it, let us wage it well. The forces against us claim they are trying to save fish. We are trying to save humans. In our minds, the most threatened species in the Klamath Basin is man himself. This may become one of the greatest rescue and re-supply operations ever - and more important than the Historic Berlin Airlift.

Let the Convoy Roll...

We don't take suckers here. These dedicated warriors now loading up their gear to re-supply our side of the battle lines take their own risks. Many of them leave their families and local battles at home to join what could be (if successful) a battle which will be the turning point of this war. Accidents can happen on the road. Things back home are left unattended. No one is paying them to do this. No one is ordering them to do this. These dedicated warriors are answering the call to arms.

With the command and control center of this operation at the Head Gates in Klamath, those in charge pledge deliver to the supplies to where they are needed most in the Klamath Battlefield. They too stand ready for the war. If you are concerned about the ranchers and farmers in this area, and are willing to help, then you too are a warrior and welcome to join us.

There will be no medals handed out, no service pay, no rank given. But victory in the battle will reap rewards nimaginable. Failure in the mission means our compatriots in the battlefield may be forced to sell their land. Most have made the statement: NOT FOR SALE AT ANY PRICE. They need help to make that stand.

Let the Convoy Roll...

Our enemy at the gates in more than just a few federal agents encamped there. It is the apathy in many hearts around the nation, and those who simply disagree. For too long, we have lobbied government for a solution to a problem they created. America: We have to solve this problem. We have to fight this battle. We must win this battle.

As I write, those wishing to do away with the human element are petitioning the court to stop the water flow. Without a solid defense, they will succeed. Will must allow those fighting on the front lines to hold that line until the waters flow freely. This can only be done, with your help. We cannot even expect this call to arms to be carried by the regular media channels. We must pass the word to our friend and neighbors.

I believe we can do it. I believe we can succeed. I have faith we will be victorious. Do you believe?

Any donation, no matter how small can help. Convoys may be rolling through your town on route to the battle. These are the supply lines for the Great Western Battle - the war to determine who will own the land; who will feed our fellow Americans in the future; and can American stand on its own two feet. We must supply these troops in the field with goods and supplies now, else future generations may be force to supply more than that to troops in the field.

Let the Convoy Roll...

As we pray it does not come to this, we must take steps for this long term engagement. Both sides have entrenched themselves for the long fight. Our enemy uses our tax dollars, junk science, and bad law as their weapons. We must fight back with compassion and resolve in our hearts - and we must do so for the long term.

This is not a new kind of war with new rules - just different rules of engagement. Posted at the Klamath Head Gates now is a cross in memory of those brave firefighters who died in Washington because they could not have the water they needed to do their jobs. All this because of the rules of engagement of our opposition. Remember them when you see the convoys roll by. We're doing this for them, and to prevent such tragedies from happening in the future.

Think of the child whose school will close in the Klamath Basin. The veteran who can't pay the mortgage without water, the dying eagles in the refuge, the thousands of proud Americans force to cry out for help. Let us not let their voices go unheard.

This is War: Let us meet this challenge like the Real Americans we are. Let that Convoy Roll...

This may be our one chance to let the world know that once again, a sleeping giant has been awakened. There is at least one person wishing a thousand people could be there on August 21. There are thousands hoping at least one more person can attend. That difference is you, American.

To our brethren in the Klamath Basin: You shall not stand alone. You pain is our pain. We are affected by the same bad laws and policies. Your fight is our fight. You have fought the battle bravely, and help is on the way.

If that convoy comes through your town, meet and greet that convoy, giving whatever you can. If it's not coming through your town, then go find that convoy or start one of your own. Climb on board. Join up with the others. These people are not just going to a rally - they are going to war - right here on American Soil. Our goal is to prove, to Washington D.C. and the world, that we are NOT FOR SALE AT ANY PRICE.

We are God's people - and as God people we must stand on our own two feet..and crawl before no one.

And Let That Convoy Roll.

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