Update: February 10, 2000

Another rumor report of impending invasion of the Pine Ridge Tribal building was being circulated around the internet on February 9, 2000. Some of our own DavidIcke2000 Network Partners have investigated the story and report that it is indeed an unfounded report without source or documentation.

Wild Horse, authorized internet liason for Oglala Sioux Tribe, stated that there a number of issues the tribe would love world support on, but this is not the case at Pine Ridge on this particular rumor. Being seekers of truth, he stated the tribe is doing everything to dis-spell the rumors. "The FBI may be guilty of many things, but this time they are innnocent of these allegations by the rumors."

From the statements by Wild Horse, the so-called occupation of the tribal building, is being slanted by many people as something to be wary of. We should note, the tribal leaders are occupying their own building. This whole incident is over the forced removal of the OTC treasurer. The FBI are gathering documentation, presumedly for criminal investigation into possible wrongdoings, however, no one has stated there have been any charges filed against anyone.

Wild Horse stated that the day these rumors started, the FBI were in the area, but for another reason, unrelated to the Red Cloud building and these Pine Ridge rumors. Continuing, he said the tribe is appreciative of the amazing show of support by patriots of this country.

Any further developments will be reported on this page


Received Jan 29, 2000

January 27, 2000

This is to inform all concerned that the web site GrassRootsOyate supported by Wild Horse/Sierra Times has been and will be carrying any and all e-mail messages we wish to forward, to all concerned in our current situation.

This is to further advise that we will not acknowledge and have not authorized any other parties to speak on our behalf. This includes all individuals, organizations, groups, who have taken liberties to put forth information regarding situations occurring, here.

We do make every attempt to have a daily press release to keep everyone informed. Sometimes, there is some delay because we remain focused on our specific goals-have the OST Treasurer permanently removed due to malfeasance and other illegal acts while in office; and a full forensic audit on the financial records of the Oglala Sioux Tribe.

Please understand that each of us, here in the Red Cloud Building, has chosen to come here in support of the Grass Roots Oglala Lakota Oyate and to help in whatever manner possible-we all have varying levels of abilities and skills but we think and act in unity and with one vision and WE, will speak with one voice.

If you have questions please call us at 605-867-5303 or 605-867-5821.


Information received Jan 30, 2000

Pine Ridge Web Site

Information : The Occupation at Pine Ridge has its own Web Site everyone is welcome to come visit. All of the Press Releases are posted as soon as I can get them up. Please visit

Thank you
Wild Horse

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