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February 3, 2003

Overton, Republic of Texas - On Friday, January 31st Texan Nationals of the Republic of Texas began gathering in Overton, Texas for a meeting of the Provisional Government Council. This two day event was one of the highlights in the Republic of Texas in recent years. The meeting place was a 'standing room only' crowd, as Texans from all over the nation poured into Overton, Texas. Excitement was in the air as these men, women and children met to plan their future and the future of the Republic.

"We are here to win our nation back!' cried out one voice from the crowded room.

The meeting place was the old city hospital and Texans got to sleep in the empty hospital rooms, and enjoy the feasts prepared by the owner and host of the event.

President Dan Miller stated to the crowds that "…it is our intention to take the message of the Republic to every city, small and large throughout the nation of Texas, until we get the United States to return to us what is rightfully and lawfully ours."

On Saturday the crowds heard the burst of explosions over the Overton facility when the icon of U.S. world supremacy, the Columbia space shuttle, dissolved in mid-flight over East Texas.

The air was filled with excitement and flags of the Republic were being flown from cars, cowboy hats, jackets - just about anywhere you could hang one. "The Texan people are ready to move forward", stated Dr. Nations from San Antonio. The main topic of the event was about establishing a seat of government which is a major step towards gaining some sort of recognition in the international community.

The people at the meeting wholeheartedly condemned the United States, (the occupiers of Texas), for its unlawful action in instigating another war against Iraq. If any nation knows what it is like to be plundered by the United States over its oil in the ground.. IT'S TEXAS!

Republic of Texas

This is outrageous
Demand for Cessation of Hostilities

Own a Piece of Texas? Yep!

"Governor, if I had foreseen the use those people (the U.S.) designed to make of their victory, there would have been no surrender at Appomattox Courthouse; no sir, not by me. Had I foreseen these results of subjugation, I would have preferred to die at Appomattox with my brave men, my sword in this right hand."

General Robert E. Lee to Governor Stockdale of Texas

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