Republic of Texas Declares
There is no Authority for the US to invade Iraq

Republic of Texas
Press Release
Office of the President
Daniel Miller

February 10, 2002

To all people around the world in all nations:

The Republic of Texas Provisional Government and its council, being the only lawfully elected and sovereign government in the land of Texas, would like the world to understand our relationship with the United States and our intentions operating and cooperating with the world community.

The land and people of Texas have been held hostage as a Subject Province of the United States of America for well over 140 years. In November 2002, documents were served upon Colin Powell, Secretary of State for the United States, which demanded an end to the hostilities and U.S. occupation of Texas. The notice upon the United States has remained unanswered. The United States has remained mute on the papers it was served and by their own silence have acquiesced to the FACTS presented and one of those FACTS is that Texas is an independent nation with NO ties or current treaties with the United States of America. The same situation applies and is in force with our neighbor and friend the Kingdom of Hawaii. Hawaii suffers from the same unlawful occupation by the U.S. government.

People of the World, please understand that the colonialism and imperialistic attitude of the United States government is not one that is modern or new. It is an operating policy of the United States government! It has been since at least 1845 if not before then. Our research shows the United States has defrauded its own neighbors, the world, and its so-called states. The banner of hypocrisy, hiding behind the 'flag' of freedom, is accepted through apathy by much of the English speaking world. The people have been mass hypnotized and controlled into thinking that what is going on in the world today at the hands of the United States is normal and proper.

The Republic of Texas nor its people are a party to the lies and frauds of the United States. We detest every lie and unlawful act of the government of the United States. Our researchers have huge amounts of evidence to prove every statement and our case against the United States.

The United States government derives its powers from its own Articles of Confederation and the U.S. Constitution. At least that is what the Americans are taught. In reality, the United States has NEVER followed or obeyed these founding documents. It operates in commerce and fraud. What it cannot deceive a nation or people out of through commerce - it takes by the sword.

Such is the case of Texas, Hawaii, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and many others. The United States government has no lawful authority or right to invade or make undeclared wars upon any people in the world. It never had that authority granted to it by its people or founding documents.

IF Osama bin Laden is the guilty party behind the 911 disaster, then every maxim of law regarding the arrest of a criminal in another country was violated by the United States. If such actions were proper then the United States should have invaded France decades ago and arrested Ira Einhorn for the murder of a Texas girl in 1977. There is no difference between the two acts. Both are murder and acts of terrorism. By this evidence alone, the United States has acted hypocritically, illegally, and unlawfully by world standards and law.

The Republic of Texas stands by the TRUTH and the truth is that the United States invaded Afghanistan to gain by war what it could not defraud the Afghanistan government and people out of through its 'bully' methods. The same is about to happen to Iraq.

Think for a moment - why does the United States have the right to own and develop weapons of mass destruction and not Iraq? Why does Israel, the U.S. puppet regime in the Middle East, have the right to nuclear weapons of mass destruction and not other nations of the area? The TRUTH is that all nations are supposed to have equal footing to develop defenses for their nation in protection of its people. On another note, there might be NO weapons of mass destruction in the world today if the United States did not invent and develop them.

We are proud of the people of France and Germany who have, at least at this writing, said NO to the United States and its plan to invade and dominate another nation on planet earth. They have responsibly spoken out against the Plans to Invade Iraq, as true world citizens should. Again, there is no authority granted the United States government by its own founding documents to invade another country. Especially where, we in Texas recognize the FACT that Iraq has not threatened or damaged the United States or its people. There is no necessity or lawfulness of another United States undeclared war.

You see this U.S. imperialism in current events - BUT we in Texas have suffered under the occupation by the United States for over 140 years. It's time to tell the United States to retreat back to its only authorized territory - ten miles squared - called Washington D.C.

The Republic of Texas stands for PEACE throughout the world. We want peace with Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, North Korea, and the rest of the world. We in Texas have no vested interest in seeing Iraq destroyed and made another puppet regime of the United States.

The Republic of Texas Provisional government is a government in exile on its own lands - a government under house arrest by its captors and occupiers. Some of our people are penalized; others languish in U.S. controlled prisons, by these occupation forces, simply for being citizens of the Republic of Texas. The United States has attempted genocide upon our people, by the definition of genocide found in United Nations documents.

In summary the United States of America government is not the government founded by the people through their Articles of Confederation or Constitution. It is a renegade government operating in tyranny against the world, against Texas and against its own people.

You will not get news like this from the U.S. media. The press in the U.S. is government controlled. The people in America do not know or see how the people are already suffering and dying at the hands of the U. S. government in Iraq. The TRUTH of world events is never shown to the American people - the news is paraded out in two second sound bytes, draped in the U.S. Flag to evoke patriotic emotions from the masses. It does not deliver the news.

Our sympathy and compassion is hereby extended to every nation and people being oppressed by the United States of America. It was never intended by the founders of that nation to be this way.

Our hand of peace and freedom is offered to any and every nation of the world that wants genuine dialogue with the Republic of Texas. Don't let happen to Iraq what has happened to Texas, Hawaii, Afghanistan and others.

Republic of Texas

Republic of Texas

"Governor, if I had foreseen the use those people (the U.S.) designed to make of their victory, there would have been no surrender at Appomattox Courthouse; no sir, not by me. Had I foreseen these results of subjugation, I would have preferred to die at Appomattox with my brave men, my sword in this right hand."

General Robert E. Lee to Governor Stockdale of Texas

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