Report on the Fort Worth Seminar

I have not been able to give a report like this before. I had not seen David Icke Live in a seminar and I've been webmastering his site for over two years. In fact, it's the 1st time I have met David Icke.

If you missed Fort Worth, you missed the first seminar of the new millennium and one of the greatest seminars I have ever had the opportunity to attend.

Even the accoustics of the auditorium were so remarkable that everyone at any place could easily hear the speaker. That's quite an accomplishment for me, since I am partially deaf in one ear. Did I make any money hosting this event? NO!, but it simply is not about money or profit. I didn't lose much and the loss can be accredited to my own inexperience in setting this sort of thing up.

David Icke is the most 'unprententious' celebrity and person I have met. He's plain folk. He could even pass for a Texan, excepting the British accent.

One thing about it, David got to experience the infamous Texas weather... I arrived in Fort Worth on a beautiful sunny, but cool day. The following day David arrived amidst a horrible 24 hour rain and thunderstorm, circling the DFW airport for over an hour, and after a previous flight was cancelled-- he landed 3 hours later than expected. The following day, Friday, was bitterly cold and windy. The day of the seminar was simply cold.

I was in awe of this 'walking and talking encyclopedia of knowledge' that we know as David Icke. But David is relaxed and lets everyone know, he does not have all the answers, he does not have all the facts, he has not uncovered all the mysteries, and so on. As he said, 'If I did, I could write it all in a book and retire, my job would be finished. The research, the study, the quest for truth still continues on, for myself even more than for publishing in a book. I want to know."

Hundreds of persons attending the event were grateful that he came to Fort Worth, several commenting that "now" it is starting to all make sense. David Icke kept the audience glued to the information he was presenting, as well as throwing in his own unique, witty sense of humor from time to time. The people attending were just as incredible as the speaker himself. What a great bunch of people!

Away from the seminar we discussed new ideas for the websites and several positive changes will be seen coming forward in the next few months. His new book, Children of the Matrix, is not yet published and due out possibly in April.

There are under-currents resulting from the Fort Worth seminar to have David return to Texas and hold follow-up seminars in Austin and/or Houston, which follows our original intentions for the Texas Tour of 2001.

Jim Marrs, another incredible researcher and author, and who co-starred with David Icke on the History Channel, attended the seminar. His new book which the mainstream press would NOT publish, entitled PSI SPIES, is now in print and available at Hidden Mysteries (click here to review this incredible book)

I can only wrap this up by saying, I'm glad I was there in Fort Worth.

L. Savage

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